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Meet the Left-wing blogger who says "we have no alternative" but to support the right of Islam4UK to march through Wootton Bassett

Picture 7 Here's an extract from a post from Dave Osler which was also cross-posted at Liberal Conspiracy this afternoon:

"...This move is an obvious provocation from what is effectively a front organisation for banned Islamist faction Al Muhajiroun, who are manifestly not peaceniks of any description.

"It has been suggested that the announcement is simply a stunt on the part of the publicity-savvy Mr Choudary, and I very much hope that is the case. If it goes ahead, it will inevitably generate a huge counter-mobilisation likely to boost the fortunes of the fascist British National Party ahead of an impending general election. Choudary either does not care about this, or positively relishes the prospect.

"All of this leaves the principled humanist secular left with a huge headache. After all, if we do not uphold the elementary argument for freedom of speech, who will? So here we are, forced to extend our efforts in support of a manifestation of execrable religious bigotry. It is an obvious sucker punch, and we can even see it coming, but we have no alternative but to walk straight into it."

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling made clear his opposition to the march earlier today.