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Lib Dem councillor compares Conservative parliamentary candidate to "Nazi stormtrooper"

LibDemDead The Camden New Journal today reports a particularly unsavoury incident at last night's full council meeting in Camden.

Chris Philp, a Conservative councillor who will be contesting the Hampstead and Kilburn seat at the general election, had given a speech defending his decision to campaign on health issues.

It was then that a Liberal Democrat councillor, Nick Russell, rose to his feet and declared:

"Chris Philp always reminds me of a Nazi stormtrooper in Schindler's List."

According to the paper's report, this resulted in "uproar".

The offending councillor withdrew his comment, putting it down to "an unacceptable error of judgment in the heat of the moment and the hothouse of the chamber".

He apologised to Chris Philp, who has accepted the apology.

Read the Camden New Journal's full account here.

10.30pm update:

The Camden New Journal is now reporting that Chris Philp believes that Cllr Russell owes an apology to the wider Jewish community in the constituency.

He has said:

"I am very disappointed that he has chosen not to apologise to the borough's Jewish community for this crass and insensitive remark. This is typical of the kind of nasty, negative and personal attacks that the Lib Dems often use near elections in a desperate attempt to garner votes. I'm sure this kind of tactic won't work here in Camden."

Jonathan Isaby