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"Labour's computer blunders cost £26 billion"

Picture 13 That's the headline coming from the splash in this morning's Independent:

"A series of botched IT projects has left taxpayers with a bill of more than £26bn for computer systems that have suffered severe delays, run millions of pounds over budget or have been cancelled altogether.

"An investigation by The Independent has found that the total cost of Labour's 10 most notorious IT failures is equivalent to more than half of the budget for Britain's schools last year. Parliament's spending watchdog has described the projects as "fundamentally flawed" and blamed ministers for "stupendous incompetence" in managing them.

"Further evidence has emerged over the failings of Labour's most costly programme, the mammoth £12.7bn IT scheme to revolutionise the NHS. The Independent has learnt that just 160 health organisations out of about 9,000 are using electronic patient records delivered under the scheme."

The paper lists the top ten most expensive government computer failures as:

  • £12.7bn National Programme for IT (NHS)
  • £7.1bn Defence Information Infrastructure (DII)
  • £5bn National Identity Scheme
  • £400m Libra system (for magistrates' courts)
  • £350m Single Payment Scheme system (SPS)
  • £300m GCHQ "box move" of technology
  • £155m National Offender Management Information System (C-Nomis)
  • £106m Benefit Processing Replacement Programme
  • £88.5m Prism IT project
  • £81m Shared Services Centre 

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Jonathan Isaby