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Labour failed in its mission to narrow the gap between rich and poor as inequality hits a 60-year high

The National Equality Panel - appointed by the Labour Government - has today given a devastating critique of its record on inequality, As Chris Hope in the Daily Telegraph reports:

"The gulf between the richest and poorest in society is at its widest since the Second World War, an official report has found.

"The National Equality Panel, set up by ministers to investigate inequality, says there are “very large” differences in wealth between the classes. Britain is now one of the world’s most divided countries with children born into a wealthy family having far more advantages than those who are not.

"The report shows that, while gender and ethnic background are all factors in determining a child’s success, it is the social class into which they are born that is still most important. The report is an embarrassment for the Government as it shows how the gap between rich and poor has failed to narrow under Labour."

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Jonathan Isaby