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Gordon Brown misled the Commons yesterday after lifting unreliable material from a Left-wing blog

Picture 19 At yesterday's Prime Minister's Questions, Gordon Brown alleged that David Cameron had replied to the question "Are you committed to educational maintenance allowances?" at a public meeting by saying "Let's just say I'm not uncommitted to it".

There was much excitement at the Left Foot Forward blog during PMQs that Brown had lifted the quote directly from a piece on the site by guest writer James Mills.

However, later in the day the site had to admit that:

"In light of a video made available to Left Foot Forward, we accept that this is not the form of words that Cameron used at the event and have amended the story accordingly."

Will Gordon Brown follow that with a similar apology for misleading the House at next week's PMQs?

For the record, the Conservative position remains that there are no plans to scrap EMAs, as Michael Gove told the Guardian last autumn, for example.

4.45pm Update:

Iain Dale points to this exchange on the floor of the House of Commons as an even more unequivocal statement of the Conservative position on EMA:

Dawn Butler (Lab): Is the hon. Gentleman in favour of the education maintenance allowance?

Michael Gove: Yes, absolutely

Jonathan Isaby