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Former General Secretary of the Labour Party makes sensational attacks on Gordon Brown

Mail1 A new book by Peter Watt, former General Secretary of the Labour Party, paints a devastating picture of Gordon Brown. The Mail on Sunday has exclusive extracts:

  • "Mr Brown’s Cabinet ally Douglas Alexander said the PM’s inner circle wanted an early Election partly because even they didn’t like him – and they feared the British public would soon form the same view...
  • The day Mr Brown called off the 2007 Election, denying he had ever intended to hold one, Labour chiefs had a fleet of limousines circling Parliament Square ready to take Ministers on the campaign trail, and had 1.5million leaflets ready to be posted...
  • Sulking Mr Brown walked out of a Downing Street dinner party with US politicians because they sat down without his permission."

More at The Mail on Sunday.

The book will be published on 25th January by Iain Dale's Biteback publishing. Iain has much more on his blog.

Tim Montgomerie