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Brown unveils five doorstep promises... and five attacks on the Conservatives

Screen shot 2010-01-14 at 10.29.20 The Independent previews five pledge card-style pledges and scare stories that Labour strategists hope will get the Labour Party moving up in opinion polls.


  • Training or further education will be provided for all school-leavers and a job or training for jobless young adults.
  • Suspected cancer patients will receive their diagnosis within one week.
  • The elderly and most vulnerable will receive free personal care.
  • Families responsible for antisocial behaviour will face tough action.
  • The national deficit will be halved in four years through tax rises, spending cuts and growth.


  • The Tories would cut schools funding
  • Scrap the cancer promise
  • Preside over a social care "lottery"
  • Reduce police numbers
  • Axe Sure Start schemes.

Tim Montgomerie