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Work doesn't pay under Labour

6a00d83451b31c69e2012876061438970c-800wi "Take the example of a typical man on benefit, who receives £96 a week via jobseekers’ allowance, housing benefit and smaller add-ons. If he found a part-time job for, say, five hours a week, paying £6 an hour, his income would increase by just £5 to £101 – because although he will earn £30, he would bedocked £25 of benefits. So why work when the welfare system – the middle-class taxpayer – pays you almost as much to stay on benefits? It’s not just those earning small sums. A recent report by the TaxPayers’ Alliance revealed how a teacher in Manchester had given up his job. he, his wife and their 11 children are now living at tax- payers’ expense on £29,096 a year in benefits – several thousand pounds more than he was earning. What craziness when a teacher is better off on welfare than working." - Stephen Pollard in the Daily Express