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The "domestic services bill" of that renowned class warrior, the Rt Hon Dr Gordon Brown MP

This morning the House of Commons has published details and receipts of MPs' claims on the taxpayer for 2008-09.

Here, for example, is the tally of some of what we have paid to keep the Prime Minister and his Scottish home and garden looking clean, neat and tidy:

  • £1,932.50 for 'providing domestic services'
  • £175 for grass cutting
  • £10.49 for dry cleaning
  • £38.30 for laundry
  • £41 on washing
  • £49.50 on ironing
  • £168 on carpet cleaning
  • £195 on 'pruning, weeding and edging'
  • £500 for painting a summer house It is being reported that Brown has now repaid this sum
  • £58.60 on window cleaning
I note a claim of for £22.50 for Sky+ handset - was there a previous one which went the same way as Prime Ministerial mobile phones? (N.B. a £99 claim for Sky TV was refused because he failed to provide a receipt).

Meanwhile, I was intrigued to note that in the itemised section of his phone bill for December 2008 to February 2009, he made a phone call to a number in Canterbury at 10.29pm on Christmas Eve which lasted nearly two hours...

Jonathan Isaby