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Sunny Hundal celebrates Rush Limbaugh's hospitalisation

Screen shot 2009-12-31 at 07.28.24The above Tweet from Sunny Hundal is typical of the ugliness of his Liberal Conspiracy website. It's not the first time it has celebrated something bad happening to a centre right personality.

Responding to the recent very brutal attack on the Silvio Berlusconi their blogger Unity posted a YouTube clip of the attack. The full text of the post was: "Obviously one should never condone the use of violence against anyone, least of all man in his seventies... But – be honest – given a clear shot, you would… wouldn’t you?"

'Sunny H' himself commented:

Screen shot 2009-12-31 at 08.53.38 There follows a long discussion about whether it is appropriate and tasteful to respond in this way, of whether celebrating Thatcher's death is a good idea and the like. We are going to see the very worst of the Left when (and I hope it's some time away) Lady Thatcher dies.

Blogs cannot always be responsible for their comments but they can be responsible for their approved authors like Unity.

Here's another of Unity's posts:

"In 1983, 62% said that they thought that sexual relations between adults of the same sex were wrong. Today that figure has fallen to 34% and if, as the evidence for religious belief suggests, difference in attitudes between generations account for most of the change then, even though its not as good as it might be, there ís probably nothing much that couldn't be quickly sorted out with a decent flu pandemic."

Such hymns of hate speak for themselves.

Tim Montgomerie