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"I ain't Eton"

Currentcoveruk_largeAfter yesterday's terrible front pages for Brown, The Economist has passed its verdict on Brown's attempt at class war:

"Britain has much experience of class politics, and none of it has been good. Class politics makes for bad economics: the state swells, public money gets wasted and entrepreneurs grow nervous. And it makes for a sad country, too: divisions deepen, suspicion flourishes and the social contract frays. When the time comes to judge the parties’ electoral strategies, voters should remember that."

George Osborne's words from Wednesday are also relevant to Labour's increasingly fast lurch to the left:

"The message to aspiring families from these tax changes is pretty clear... 

-     If you want to get on in life;
-     If you want to own your own home;
-     If you want to save for a pension;
-     or leave something to your children;

...then the Labour Party is not for you anymore.

All that work they did to drag their Party onto the centre ground of British politics, all the efforts they made to persuade the country that they were for enterprise and aspiration.

All that is gone."