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Brown spends more on spin than Blair

Screen shot 2009-12-31 at 07.35.45The Telegraph reports that "the Government’s annual PR bill is now approaching a quarter of a billion pounds a year, despite the pledge by Gordon Brown when he came to power in June 2007 to deliver the “end of spin” and a “new type of politics"." This spin bill comes on the top of the return of spinmeister general, Alastair Campbell.

Conservative frontbencher Nick Hurd MP told The Telegraph:

“Gordon Brown’s promise of the end of spin has been exposed as a sham. He now spends more taxpayers’ money on spin than Tony Blair. Labour has bankrolled a vast spin machine, politicised the civil service and created a corrosive culture of deception at the heart of Whitehall. Instead of spending the public’s money on front line services, a quarter of a billion pounds a year is now spent on the wages of spin under Brown.”

Tim Montgomerie