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Welcome to LeftWatch

Although LeftWatch will look at the SNP, Greens, Liberal Democrats and other left-leaning movements we are most interested in the Labour Party.

I suggest the following trends within Labour should be our focus...

LURCHINGLEFTThis is evident in, for example, the retirement of nearly all the leading Blairite MPs, Harriet Harman's equality agenda and Gordon Brown's embrace of the impractical, job-destroying Tobin tax.

SCORCHEDEARTH Labour's reckless spending is their last throw of the dice.  The spending buys them some extra votes, they hope, but certainly adds to the awful inheritance for the Conservatives if it doesn't.  Peter Oborne has written a great article on this phenomenon.

WASTENot unrelated to the previous category but please help us compile examples of wasteful Labour.  Grant Shapps MP exposed Labour's £30,000 champagne bill this morning.  The bubbly was, of course, all bought at your expense.  And there there are the big examples of massive waste.

DirtyTricks I recently wrote about the increasing nastiness of Labour's campaigning.  The McBride emails.  The smearing of Michael Kaminski by David Miliband.  Harriet Harman's attempts to bracket the Tories and the BNP.  ConHome regular Mark Fulford is working on a list of Labour's biggest lies.

Quangocracy There is also the huge issue of the appointees that Labour will leave behind in the quangocracy and appointment-land more generally.  Dennis Sewell has written a brilliant cover piece for The Spectator on this subject.  Even if Labour lose the next election, much of the British state will still be stuffed with left-leaning appointees, like Katherine Rake.

Are these the best categories?

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