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The white text on the black straplines gets lost against the black background of the site - in other words, for me (and I suspect many others), we start reading at "but if they did" - which rather loses the point. I suggest a thin light border, one pixel wide, around each graphic - just to keep it together against the background.

Also, the strapline would be much better as "don't do" rather than "do not do" - two reasons - everyone says "don't do" rather than "do not do", two, "don't do" is what Carlsberg say in the original version of these ads - better to stick with that line for continuity.

Hope these thoughts are helpful.

Matthew Oxley

Agree with the comments above, but either way these pictures will make great material for chain mails!



Thanks Andrew and Matthew.

The idea of a thin border is a good one, Andrew. I'll make that change later.

With the purchase of labourdonotdo.com I'm pretty committed to "do not do" but I take your point.


William Norton

Personally, I prefer "Labour do not do" to "Labour don't do". More rhythmic.

On the pictures, agree with a colour switch: go to black text on yellow (more distinctive visually), or at a pinch yellow on red (which are the colours they use on their material).

Graeme Archer

This is brilliant. I hope you're copywriting all these images. You should do the posters for the next election campaign.

Nigel C

Simply brilliant.


'Labour' is a singular noun.

If the verb "to do" is to agree with the noun then surely it should read "Labour doesn't do..." or "Labour does not do..."

At present, the implication is that 'Labour' is a plural noun, which surely can't be right...?

Love the site though.

William Norton

JT: which would you say:
(a) the results from the May Elections shew that Labour are unpopular; or
(b) the results from the May Elections shew that Labour is unpopular?

Probably both are acceptable, but (a) is the more likely?

Patsy Sergeant

I like it, it takes a short time for the eye to accommodate as one is coming from the exact opposite, but then it no different.

William's suggestion of yellow on red would be difficult, I found that combination one of the most difficult when experimenting with fonts and colour backgrounds.


Re my promise of yesterday I'll ensure future pictures stand out from the background.



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