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Not sure we want to be running the 'guard dog' line on immigration

Dominic Fisher

I am sure we do want to be running the guard dog line. I don't think I know a single person (immigrant or indigenous to the UK) who doesn't think the so-called "system" we have is a shambles. Don't back away from continuing to shine the light on this disgrace.


hhaha, this has got to be my fav'!


I like it!

I've posted a piece on it; put a link up too. Love the picture. It has subliminal associations with Labour being in thrall to the animal rights movement too, through proxies like the RSPCA, IFAW etc who are masters at opening purse strings with images like that.

yorkshire lass

The dog is too cute.

Recess Monkey

For heaven's sake, no government ever knows how many "illegal" immigrants there are in the country because by definition they avoid contact with any agency seeking to count them. They don't tell the police, councils, there's no "illegal immigrant" section on the census and they don't even have driving licenses unless they are obtained fraudulently. So maybe this story would make more sense if you let us know how you would count illegal immigrants.

John Coles

Not the point, Recess Monkey. Systems exist to stop illegal immigration, it's just that this rabble couldn't run a whelk stall, let alone ensure that our borders are secure. I think that this site might be a little too demanding of thought for you - why don't you restrict yourself to playing on your absurd Blog site and leave the grown-ups to enjoy this site without your ridiculoous observations? Cut along, now.

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