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yorkshore lass

I think a bit of string tied in a bow would be more fitting

Ed Woods

I would love to see this as a billboard!

Cllr Andy Rayment

Good material and quite well presented, but why lead with an article on farming ? Why not choose a topic that is of more direct relevance to the 'average' voter ?

David Sergeant

As a recently retired senior public service administrator it was obvious to me, from 1998 onwards, that the defining feature of Blair's government was incompetance. But, I rember that when I put this to Conservative party meetings the impression on peoples' faces was of polite incredulity - they were taken in by the spin like everyone else.

Having started to make the point at last (and so well) I would suggest it is not good enough just to call the government incompetant, we have to say why. Labour governments are geared to public sector provision and the political importance, Conservative governments are geared to customers receiving an end product (as you would expect with a commercial industry based party), hence, Conservative governments run public services better than Labour governments. (My only caveat is the the overall funding has got to be respectable, say, equal to a Europen average. Do we not remember how every NHS foulup was blamed on the Tories "underfunding" and now Labour always blame doctors and Health Trust managers.)

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