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John Coles

How very true - Labour has wasted millions on the Dome. So why oh why has the cretin who promoted the project - step forward Michael Heseltine - been readmitted to the inner councils of the Conservative Party? Mr Cameron must be a little choosier about the company he keeps.

Mark Fulford

John Cole - use of the word “cretin” reflects very poorly upon you.

Annabel Herriott

Michael Hesletine may have suggested the thing, but we did not take it forward, NULAB did. Its got Prezzas thumb prints all over it!

pPatsy Sergeant

Quite Annabel!!

John F

Why, oh why, did neither party have the wit or imagination to propose, and carry forward a project that might have a longer life, and be a more fitting memorial to a millenium.

A hospital? National Park? Or heaven forfend, given that it was a Christian millenium, something to mark 2,000 years of that faith?

£800 odd million blown on a temporary amusement park merely confirms the increasingly ephemeral nature of our so-called civilization

Dominic Fisher

Just reading the Committee on Standards & Priveleges Report on the conduct of Mr John Prescott. I have several observations - but one particularly related to labour do not do. On page 11 of the report reference is made to the rules of the Code Of Conduct. "Category 7 requires Members to register: "Any gift to the Member... of a value greater than 1 percent of the current parliamentary salary..." and goes on to note that at the time of th Mr Prescott's stay at Mr Anschutz's ranch "the threshold for registration... was £590..." On page 35 a letter from Mr John Prescott dated 14 July 2006 values the gifts in the following paragraph
...My office has gone to considerable effort to value them by comparing them with similar items in publicly available catalogues from which I attach relevant extracts. On the basis of these I estimate that the value of the items was:
Stetson hat - £97
A pair of calf length boots - £120
A belt and buckle - £207
A pair of spurs - £185
The total value of these gifts is around £600"

Why he couldn't pick up the 'phone to Mr Anschutz to find out the prices rather than having staff paid by the taxpayer trawling magazines is a fair question?

But to stick to the theme it's hilarious that the value of the gifts just exceeded the limit. I wander whether some poor subordinate got in trouble for bad assumptions in their calculations.

As such I nominate this anecdote for donotdo. Labour do not do independent property valuations but if they did...

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