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Canada stands up for sensible environmental policies and rejects unilateral economic disarmament

By Matthew Barrett
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Several Anglosphere counties are in the process of implementing climate change policies that mean burdensome green regulations which kill jobs. There's the United States, where jobs and energy will move to China unless a new direction is taken on the environment:

"Foreign markets, led by China, could soon become the most appealing options for American energy companies dealing in coal. Environmental Protection Agency regulations, chief among them an effective ban on new coal-fired power plants, are squeezing the U.S. market and strangling the fuel that powered the Industrial Revolution. “You can see it dwindling away,” said Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia Republican and co-chairwoman of the House of Representatives‘ Coal Caucus. “The regulations are made without regard. [Federal officials] don’t even ask what kind of impact they’ll have. The EPA has already put in place … rules and other impossible standards that are causing a giant shift of our natural resources to China.”"

The same is happening under Labor in Australia:

"Rio Tinto is reviewing its coal expansion plans as soaring capital costs and investor pressure to return more cash force global ­miners to reassess spending plans. ... Mr Albanese is thought to have told investors that the huge spike in costs – including the Australian dollar, labour constraints, the carbon tax and construction inputs – is weighing on marginal developments. Mr Albanese raised concerns with the government about the potential removal of the diesel rebate in the budget next Tuesday, which would mean an additional $500 million in annual costs for the company."

HARPER STEPHEN THUMBS UPBut there is one Anglosphere nation taking a stand against unilateral economic disarmament - Canada:

"The Harper government is planning to overhaul the Fisheries Act to reduce federal protection of fish habitats, saying it will focus on “vital” waterways that are home to important species. Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield said the existing rules treat all bodies of water the same, regardless of size or importance to fisheries. The changes are part of the Conservative government’s overhaul of environmental legislation that it says too often ties up development projects in meaningless red tape and open-ended reviews."

> From last week: One man confronted a whole hemisphere for Britain and the Falkland Islanders. It wasn't Barack Obama. It was Stephen Harper. Friend of Israel. Low tax conservative. Social conservative. All round good man.


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