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Australian Labor steps into its environmentally-friendly electoral coffin

By Tim Montgomerie
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The Australian Labor government is now in meltdown. A short history...

  1. Julia Gillard replaced Kevin Rudd as Labor leader.
  2. She called a snap election and Labor became the first, first term post-war Australian government not to win an outright majority.
  3. Gillard governs with a majority of one.
  4. That majority will be wiped out if one of her MPs is found guilty of using his union credit card to pay for the services of escort girls.
  5. At the root of Labor's problems is that Gillard promised not to introduce a carbon tax and then announced one.
  6. Cameron - crazily - backed her judgment.
  7. Support for Labor is now at 27% in the primary vote; 23% behind the conservative opposition.
  8. The conservative opposition leader - Tony Abbott is preferred as PM to Gillard by 43% to 34%.
  9. At a state level, Labor is being massacred.
  10. The man Gillard ousted as Labor leader - Kevin Rudd - is now preferred as Labor leader by 57% to 24%.

There ends your snap shot guide to the latest in Australian politics.

It's the same all over the Anglosphere. Canada. America. Australia. Climate change policies are political poison. Cameron needs to be careful for the reasons set out by Matthew earlier.


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