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Kevin Rudd could be deposed as Australian Prime Minister tomorrow

Kevin Rudd Fast-moving events in Australian politics today with Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (pictured) now facing a leadership contest tomorrow, the last day before an eight week parliamentary recess.

As the Sydney Morning Herald reports:

"Kevin Rudd is fighting for his political life after his deputy, Julia Gillard, demanded a leadership ballot on Wednesday night as support for his prime ministership fell away. A defiant Mr Rudd told reporters he would fight for the leadership at a special caucus meeting on Thursday morning."

The powerful Australian Workers' Union has apparently thrown its weight behind Ms Gillard, the deputy prime minister, who could now be in a position to become Australia's first woman Prime Minister.

The ousting of Rudd would not necessarily mean good news for Tony Abbott's opposition Liberal Party, as the paper's report notes:

"Change at the top could spell trouble for Tony Abbott and his team, with opinion polls showing Ms Gillard the preferred against the Liberal leader."

Jonathan Isaby


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