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Sarkozy predicts Cameron will become "pro-European"

According to Le Figaro, the French President is said to have said "He'll start out eurosceptic and finish up pro-European. It's the rule. He'll be like all the others."

Other European leaders were less direct in their reaction to Mr Cameron becoming Prime Minister.

Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission in Brussels and a centre-right free market liberal, was positive: "I've met David Cameron many times. I'm sure we'll have a good working relationship."

Edward McMillan-Scott MEP, who joined the Liberal Democrats earlier this year after his expulsion from the Conservative Party said "this coalition will constrain the eurosceptic tendencies in the Tory party."

Lord Tebbit, former Tory Chairman, sees Europe as the most difficult issue for the Coalition:

"What is new to coalition politics in this country is the European dimension. The Lib Dems are Europhile to the point of fanaticism. If it comes from Brussels it must be right. The very DNA of Mr Clegg, his family connections to the wealthy European establishment and his Brussels career will always guide him to favour the EU rather than this country, but the Tories are a patriotic party. When the fatal split brings the coalition to an end, it will probably be over Europe."


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