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Snapshot of European opinion

The CDU/CSU-FDP coalition is enjoying something of a honeymoon after Angela Merkel successfully formed a new post-election coalition with the reformist FDP. The Social Democrats are down to 21% - half of their support in 1998.

The Irish government of Fianna Fáil's Brian Cowen is trailing Fine Gael by 35% to 25%.

The Czech ODS - Tory allies in the European Parliament - are slightly behind the Social Democrats (32% to 29%). The Czech election will take place next June.

The Tories' allies in Poland - the Law and Justice Party - are 48% to 28% behind Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform.

Geert Wilders' Freedom Party is currently leading public opinion in the Netherlands.

Sweden's centre right government led by Fredrik Reinfeldt is trailing the Social Democrats by 30% to 34%. Elections are due next September.

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