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Merkel and Berlusconi enjoy strong domestic support

Comres_2 Some key numbers from the latest ComRes survey of European opinion:

  • French Right set to increase number of MEPs: "While confidence in Sarkozy among the French public is low, the party appears set to outpace the Socialist Party in June. In 2004, then President Chirac’s UMP polled a humiliating 17% of the vot e with the Socialists polling 12% ahead of them at 29%". Overall, however, 37% of French voters are satisfied with President Sarkozy's performance but 62% are dissatisfied.
  • Merkel on course to break free of grand coalition: "Angela Merkel’s coaliti on “government in waiting” which brings together the Christian Democrats/Christian Social Union and Free Democ ratic Party continues to be in robust form. Their combined 48% vote share should be enough to guarantee Merkel the seats required to secure another four years in office without the need for an uncomfortable
    ‘grand coalition’."
  • Hungary's Socialist government 31% behind Civic Union rival: Election may be held earlier than next year.
  • 40% of the people of troubled Iceland would like to join the EU, 45% would not.
  • 46% of Irish set to vote yes in  second Lisbon vote, 27% no.
  • 51% of Swedes oppose joining the Euro, 45% support doing so.
  • Berlusconi's Right-of-centre coalition has 22% lead over Italy's Left. Berlusconi recently brought Italy's main centre right parties together. 
  • Spain's centre left government has a 2% lead over the centre right opposition.

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