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Opinion polls set to kill opposition parties' attempt to oust Stephen Harper

Harperdion Yesterday we noted that Stephen Harper had six weeks to keep his job as Prime Minister and, more significantly, the rag-bag coalition that wants to oust him has six weeks to avoid splintering apart.

Providing Mr Harper comes forward with a popular budget he must be increasingly hopeful.

Andrew Coyne blogs that Canadian public opinion is clearly on his side:

"Two polls out today show that the coalition has backfired on its two main participants — hugely. Ekos has the Tories ahead by twenty points, 44-24, while Ipsos Reid puts the margin at an astounding 46-23. This is after the Tories had supposedly disgraced themselves by the “provocation” of cutting the political parties off the public teat, and by failing to provide adequate “stimulus.” Ipsos numbers show, further, that 60% of the public opposes the coalition, 62% are “angry” with it for trying to take power, while 68% support the Governor General’s decision. The Grits [the Canadian Liberals] can read the numbers as well as I can. There is no way they will return to this well."


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