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Canadian Conservatives launch 'hearts and minds' campaign to stay in power

In a five minute address to Canada, Stephen Harper attacks backroom deals with separatists that could remove his minority Conservative government from office within days:

Liberal leader Dion, who intends to become Prime Minister if Mr Harper loses a parliamentary confidence vote, resigned as Liberal leader after leading his party to its worst election result in modern times, just six weeks ago.  Although he will be replaced as Liberal leader once the contest now underway concludes, he still hopes to be an interim Prime Minister.  He has a record of incompetence and the latest example is recorded by the Globe and Mail, within an article about internal dissent towards him and the coalition pact:

"Adding to the discomfort with his leadership was the fact that last night Mr. Dion and his team couldn't even get his televised national address – a speech intended to counter Mr. Harper's appeal – to TV networks on time. The production values of the tape were also poor, with Mr. Dion out of focus at times. It appeared his head was emerging from the shelf behind him."

Dion_pointing The leading contender for the Liberal leadership, Michael Ignatieff, is unlikely to take part in the coalition cabinet - should it be formed.  Mr Dion (pictured) is insisting that his coalition plan is entirely legitimate:

"The Harper Conservatives have lost the confidence of the majority of members of the House of Commons. In our democracy, in our parliamentary system, in our Constitution, this means that they have lost the right to govern."

The Canadian Conservatives are hitting the airwaves with radio and TV ads that make the same message as Mr Harper's five minute address:

Stephen Harper is hoping to avoid a confidence vote due next Monday (8th December) and is asking the Governor-General to prorogue parliament until later in January, during which time he will prepare a new budget and hope his opponents' coalition deal will start to fall apart.


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