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The Australian Liberals and climate change policy

Tom Switzer, former adviser to Australian Liberal leader Brendan Nelson, has written for The Spectator's new Australia blog about the tensions within his party about green policies:

"Whereas once both leaders [Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull] were calling on Australians to pay higher energy prices to save the planet, they now warn of tougher economic times as the financial crisis enters a new and dangerous phase. Whereas once Australians wanted to do their bit to cut the gases our leaders claim cause global warming, we now panic about more visceral things like protecting their jobs, mortgages and superannuation. Whereas once Australians were cheering on the Prime Minister to lead the world on the environment, we now fear we’ll succumb to the financial contagion wreaking havoc all over the world. And whereas once the political debate was over co-ordinated global action to tackle global warming, it’s now over co-ordinated global action to stabilise the international financial system."

Read the full post here.


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