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Stephen Harper may soon be the only conservative head of government in the English-speaking world

That's David Frum's conclusion in his National Post column:

"Harper, however, will soon be standing quite alone. If Barack Obama wins the U.S. presidential election, as seems probable, Harper will be left as the only surviving conservative head of government in the English-speaking world."

Although John Key is still likely to win in New Zealand.

Frum is particularly disparaging about Europe's CentreRight leaders:

"The non-English-speaking world is not much more congenial: In Germany, a very slightly conservative party governs in coalition with Social Democrats. And in France, Nicholas Sarkozy is veering further and further left with every drop in the stock market indexes, calling, in a speech this week in Brussels, for a “new form of capitalism” in which no financial institution “should escape regulation and supervision.”

Frum sees danger and opportunity for Harper in this isolation:

"Canada’s reliably left-tilting media will soon be taunting Harper as an international outlier, a sorry holdout against the glamorous new ideas of President Obama... The members of the Harper government have gained a real opportunity to redefine the centre-right for the 21st century. This is an intellectual project launched by British conservatives -- but it is Canadian conservatives who have the first opportunity to test whether the concepts and themes articulated by David Cameron can survive encounter with the realities of politics and government.  That test offers an unusual eminence for a Canadian political leader. But then, these are unusual times."

David Cameron and Stephen Harper have never met.  That should be corrected soon.


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