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Stephen Harper exploits green tax plans of Canadian Liberals

Taxoneverything In a speech yesterday setting out his accomplishments as Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper noted that his was now the longest-serving minority government in his country's history.

The main point of his speech was to launch a strong attack on opposition leader Stephane Dion's plans for a carbon tax, a tax rise that was masquerading as environmentalism, Mr Harper said.  Dion protests that the carbon tax will be offset by tax reductions elsewhere but the CanCons strongly believe that while the public are ready to believe a politician when he/ she says they will raise taxes, they are suspicious of any promise to cut taxation.

The Canadian Conservatives have a website dedicated to attacking the plans that includes a short history of broken promises of offsetting or replacement taxes.  The website's design will be interesting to conservative campaigners across the world.

Stephane Dion named his dog Kyoto and a bright spark started a blog in the dog's honour.


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