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New conservative magazine launches in Australia

Kevin Andrews MP has launched a new journal to help the rebuilding of the Australian Liberal party.

The Australian Polity has the following mission statement:

"That the dignity of the individual is the foundation of all other relationships;

That the political and economic freedom of the individual is central to societal well being, and that personal responsibility underpins such freedom;

That the covental relationships of love, loyalty, friendship and trust exist outside the political sphere but are essential to the health of society;

That social order and shared values underpin a healthy society;

That government should be limited, without forgetting that the protection of the poor and the weak are pivotal political challenges;

That functional families are crucial for the raising of children and the stability of society;

That society is a partnership across generations;

That we belong to a nation, not a series of segregated groups; and

That our western, liberal democracy best enhances individual freedom and human dignity and is worth defending."


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