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I've always believed that Europhiles represented about 5% of the Party. This poll appears to confirm it.

Ratification of the treaty by Labour was an illegal move, it was done without the consent of the people, which makes it null and void as far as I am concerned.

We were promised a referendum and they went back on their word.

Are we, or are we not, a democracy? I am seriously beginning to doubt it. If Mr Cameron can't guarantee us our rights as free people of the United Kingdom, he's no better than Brown!

Mr Cameron is making promises that europe may not allow him to keep.
A vote for the tory party now may be worth nothing after this vote by the Irish for europe.

Sue is absolutely right. Are there no proper MEN in parliament who will bring this dictatorship to an end?

28 years a Tory voter but this time NO CHANCE unless a vote on the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution regardless if ratified. If ratified and that means a vote on EU membership all the better.

Ein Reich
Ein Volk
Ein Eurpoa this is what is coming!!!!!

See cannot even spell Europa the first time around that angry. Stand up to the mark Dave. Your not in No 10 yet by a long way lad!!!!

Boris Johnson speaks for a majority of British citizens although he does not yet reflect the growing anger of the people. UK citizens should decide for themselves how they are governed and who governs them. Bit by bit, our control over our destiny is being eroded. Powers are being taken by an unelected EU commission and we are denied the right to say what we think about it by a government with a prime minister we didn't want who might even be replaced soon by another one. Any powers ceded to Europe in whole or in part aren't the government's powers to give away -- they belong to the people on whose behalf governments exercise them. A referendum is the only instrument that could give it any shred of legitimacy. IF THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY CANNOT ENDORSE THAT PROPOSITION, JUST WHAT IS THE POINT OF IT? And now Cameron tells us he won't do anything that might prejudice votes in other countries -- while he is quite happy to let their votes affect issues here. It makes no sense.

The Lisbon treaty is a shady deal and it has been foisted upon the people of Europe by illegitimate means. The Tories need to put their cards on the table.Promise a referendum regardless of ratification and get yourselves a landslide victory.Anything less and you'll get in but by a nominal majority.Show us that you represent the British people and keep the promise that Mr Brown reneged on.No referendum promise=no vote from me.

Surely the good news is that the IRA has finally been defeated by the will of the Irish people who have clearly indicated the end of an independent Irish Republic?

I'm going to hold out until the last moment for next years elections. If David cameron categorically says he'll hold a referendum on the Lisbon treaty (even if the Czechs, have, by then signed up, then I'll vote for the Conservative, as per usual. If no such clear cut statement is forthcoming I'll be voting for UKIP. (Nigel Farage says there will 500 UKIP members on the ballot by next June).
If there are many others out there who do the same thing and it ends up being a 'lost' vote creating a hung Parliament, so be it. Then maybe, Mr Cameron will regret not developing a larger pair of 'cohones'.

Dave, no referendum promise on Lisbon, come what may, no vote from me. And I'm not alone. Got it?

The conservatives promise for a referendum was unqualified. Subsequently DC craftily changed his policy, as we know, to only grant a referendum if the treaty remained unratified.
If he continues this stance, then clearly his original promise is worthless. If he is untrustworthy on such a momentous issue, he will be the same on any number of other issues. Trust is all important in a politician - DC has already forfeited that.
No referendum - no vote.

Think about this DC! you must know Durao Barroso was a member of Maoism a Marxist organisation and a onetime member and leader of the Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers and Reorganizative Movement of the Party of the Proletariat. And the track record of warmonger Anthony Blair, who appears to have joined the Catholic Church solely to become President of the EU, then there’s Prudence Brown and his abacus the latest “addition” to his beans and stones collection after moving from number 11. It’s enough to make you want to emigrate, me! I’m voting UKIP until you? (DC) wake up to what the people want or are you just a EU lap dog like all the rest. “We wont let matters rest” get lost! I want a cast iron polices not innuendo.

Read further up that interesting comment by Mr Palmer

"Mr Cameron is making promises that europe may not allow him to keep"

I see what your saying Mr K but don't agree.

If they don't like it we can just say "Stuff you" take our ball home by way of the £ and watch the EU go bust.

As a major banker for the rest of these floppy nations then they will soon fold. They always have and always will ask Adolf!!

Give us our Refurendum regardless Dave or you will live to regret it. Your not in No 10 yet!!

See can't even spell it 'referendum' correctly above as we have always been robbed by the Governments of our rights.

Interesting that of all the people I know that do vote Tory none will at present do so unless we get a REFERENDUM and intend to vote UKIP.

Time to urinate Dave or get of the pot!!

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