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Newslinks for Wednesday 7th November 2012

6.30pm WATCH: A Daily Politics discussion about next week's police commissioner elections

4.45pm ToryDiary: What do you think of our new font?

4.15pm MPsETC: 29th November is by-election Super Thursday

Clegg PMQs2pm WATCH: Today's PMQs in full

1.30pm ToryDiary: Nick Clegg stands in for David Cameron at PMQs, still hates Labour

1pm WATCH: Speaking from Jordan, David Cameron congratulates Barack Obama

11.30am MPsETC: Conservative MPs (including David Cameron) respond to Barack Obama's election victory

10.15am Columnist Jill Kirby: Nurses should be carers not managers — the Willis report raises serious questions about NHS neglect


ToryDiary: Five lessons from the US election campaign for British Conservatives

International: Was last night disastrous for the Republicans or simply disappointing?

Columnist Bruce Anderson: A brief reply to Andrew Lilico

6a00d83451b31c69e2017d3d14c08c970c-150wiJames Morris MP on Comment: Devolution of power, as well as deregulation, is vital for economic renewal

Local Government: 

The Deep End: The banking boom was as bad as the banking bust


Barack Obama re-elected as US President

Obama tweet"In defeating Mitt Romney, the president carried Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia and Wisconsin, a near sweep of the battleground states, and was holding a narrow advantage in Florida. The path to victory for Mr. Romney narrowed as the night wore along, with Mr. Obama winning at least 303 electoral votes. ... 'Tonight in this election, you, the American people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back,' Mr. Obama told his supporters early Wednesday." - New York Times

> Today:

> Yesterday: 

Mitt Romney: Let's put people before parties

“The nation as you know is at a critical point,” he said, in a courteous five-minute speech to friends, staff and other backers squeezed into a hotel ballroom. “We can’t risk partisan bickering. We citizens have to rise to the occasion.” - Daily Telegraph

> Today's video to WATCH: Mitt Romney's concession speech

And it's largely "as you were" in Congress

"[Mr Obama] will be venturing back into a Congressional environment similar to that of his first term, with the Senate under the control of Democrats and the House under the control of Republicans, whose leaders have hinted that they will be no less likely to challenge him than they were during the last four years." - New York Times

Back in Britain, ministers said to be considering a single "super inquiry" into child abuse

Theresa May"[Theresa May] suggested that a single, wider probe was being considered by the Government once initial police inquiries are concluded. ... ‘I think what is absolutely horrific, frankly, is the extent to which this child abuse has been taking place over the years and across our communities over the years,’ the Home Secretary said." - Daily Mail

  • "Susan Elan Jones, a Labour MP for Clwyd South, called on the Government to confirm that it will act against any lord found to have abused children. ... Her remarks suggest the prominent Tory grandee at the centre of child abuse allegations may be a sitting member of the House of Lords." - Daily Telegraph
  • Child protection system failing to listen to teenagers, warns Commons education committee - Guardian

The newspapers respond to Nadine Dorries' suspension

NAdine DorriesBut her decision to take part in I’m A Celebrity has disenchanted me. I find it impossible to justify the move. It looks like nothing more than blatant selfishness — a misjudgment which I hope, even now, she might rethink. The programme’s aim is to demean its contestants. Politics is too important for this sort of trashy stunt. Nadine, I wish you could see that you are better than this. - Quentin Letts, Daily Mail

  • "David Cameron was right to suspend Nadine Dorries as a Tory MP after her stunningly selfish bid for I’m a Celebrity fame" - Sun editorial

> Yesterday:

David Cameron tries to get Angela Merkel on-side for an EU budget freeze

Merkel"The PM insisted he will make ‘robust’ demands of the German chancellor when she visits London today. ... His intervention came as auditors rejected the EU’s budget for the 18th year in succession. The European Court of Auditors said the budget was riddled with fraud and error – and that the situation was getting worse." - Daily Mail

  • "Listen, Britain. Germany's had enough of you" - Alan Posener, The Times (£)

> Yesterday:

UK officials to hold talks with Syrian rebels

"Britain will hold talks with Syrian rebels for the first time in a major push to drive out President Bashar al Assad. ... The move will fuel speculation the Government plans to arm rebels to end the bloodshed. ... In his clearest hint yet, David Cameron said yesterday Britain was not 'currently planning' to hand out weapons." - Sun

Justine Greening in discussions to "wind down" British aid to India

GReening"Justine Greening, the Development Secretary, is in Delhi for talks with ministers today on winding down the UK’s largest aid programme, after Pakistan. She is likely to make an announcement on Friday on her return to London. ... Officials have conceded privately that she has so far failed to secure a guarantee from the Indian Government that it will take up the slack. Hundreds of thousands of people in India’s poorest states rely on basic health and education facilities funded by British taxpayers." - The Times (£)

The blame game continues over the West Coast Main Line fiasco

"The West Coast rail line fiasco will come under fresh scrutiny on Wednesday after some Department for Transport staff told an inquiry into Whitehall cuts that the DfT had cut 'too deep and too fast' in its search for savings." - Financial Times (£)

Calls for George Osborne to delay his child benefit cuts

"In a written submission to the Chancellor ahead of next month’s Autumn Statement, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) has urged him to delay the cut from January to April in order to give families more time to prepare." - Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Does a Conservative-led Government really want to make our tax and benefit system the least family-friendly in Europe?

81p of the cost of every litre of petrol goes to the Treasury - Daily Mail

The DWP is to consult employers about a newly-created low-cost pension scheme - Financial Times (£)

Tax relief on pensions favours the rich, according to new analysis - Independent

Legal cases involving Abu Hamza cost UK taxpayers almost £1 million - Daily Mail

  • Magistrate warns that against the rise in out-of-court penalties - Daily Mail
  • Man arrested over cyber attacks on the websites of the Home Office and Theresa May - Independent
  • GCHQ has set up "cyber crime hit squad" to help companies targeted by hackers - Daily Telegraph

600px-Radiation_warning_symbol.svgThe clean-up of Sellafield is uncertain and massively behind schedule, warns the National Audit Office - Financial Times (£)

At the Coalition Government's half-way point, the Guardian has put together five charts to track its progress - Guardian

Alun Cairns MP has written to Channel 4 to complain about their "loaded" Leveson documentary - Daily Mail

Alex Salmond celebrates Alex Salmond

"Mr Salmond is to stage the celebration in honour of him becoming Scotland’s longest-serving First Minister after overtaking Jack McConnell, his immediate Labour predecessor. ... His officials last night issued a press release praising the 'significant milestone' of him being in office 'for 2,002 full days' and excitedly highlighting today’s engagements." - Daily Telegraph

A source tells the Daily Mail that Justin Welby is "98 per cent certain" to be made the next Archbishop of Canterbury - Daily Mail

Women in high-flying jobs can earn half-a-£million less than their male colleagues over their lifetime - Daily Mail

Almost half of all Britons who emigrate are professionals or company managers - Daily Telegraph

  • Number of jobs in the City set to slump to its lowest level for almost 20 years - Daily Mail

House prices will take 12 years to return to pre-crisis levels - Daily Mail

And finally... Five Go At Brussels' Insistence?

FAmous Five"An EU report claims that ‘gender stereotyping’ in schools influences the perception of the way boys and girls should behave and damages women’s career opportunities in the future. ... Critics said the proposals for ‘study materials’ to be amended so that men and women are no longer depicted in their traditional roles would mean the withdrawal of children’s classics, such as Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five series, Paddington Bear or Peter Pan." - Daily Mail


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