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Newslinks for Friday 30th November 2012

7.15pm Local government:

6.15pm ToryDiary: Is Boris the Kevin Pietersen of politics?

5pm MPsETC: CCHQ announces the next ten of its forty target seats

4.30pm WATCH: Boris on his India

4pm On Thinkers Corner, Roger Scruton reflects on the Rotherham adoption scandal: "Here were abandoned children being offered not just a home but a way into the surrounding society, a way of being normal and protected members of a successful historical community, the very community that granted protection in our formative years to you and me. It is precisely that positive result that horrified the social workers, and caused them to fall back on their fundamental axioms, which are not positive but negative."


3pm MPsETC: Four recent Ministers get an Exit Interview from ConservativeIntelligence

1.30pm David T Breaker on Comment: There must be an investigation into the Sgt Nightingale case

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 13.35.5911am ToryDiary: George Osborne appoints Neil O'Brien as new adviser and opens door to a more blue collar, northern conservatism

10.30am Mark Field MP on Comment: Some electoral lessons from Chicago...and Croydon

9.30am ToryDiary: UKIP's threat to...Labour?

Three pieces on Leveson lead ConservativeHome:

And then there is next week's Autumn Statement:

Yesterday's by-elections - Labour win, UKIP soar

1) Labour hold Rotherham, UKIP second, Conservatives fifth, Liberal Democrats…eighth, behind English Democrats

Miliband Ed Official"In Rotherham, support for UKIP, the BNP and Respect pushed the Conservatives into fifth place, and the Liberal Democrats into eighth.  The Rotherham Labour candidate Sarah Champion won the by-election, which was caused by the resignation of Denis MacShane after a report condemning him for abusing expenses. Ms Champion secured 9,866 votes — a 5,178 majority on a turnout of 34 per cent. The party had earlier said it expected a victory margin of around 4,000." - The Times (£) 

By-elections 2) Labour hold Middlesbrough, UKIP second, Tories fourth behind LibDems

"Labour stormed to a second by-election victory in Middlesbrough, with Andy McDonald securing 10,201 votes. UKIP’s Richard Elvin came second on 1,990 votes — with the Lib Dems third and Tories fourth." - The Sun 

By-elections 3) Labour hold Croydon North, Conservatives second, UKIP third

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 08.23.33Labour won their third byelection of the night in Croydon North, where Steve Reed was declared the winner with 15,898. The Conservatives won 4,137 votes, and Ukip came third with 1,400. - The Guardian

  • Alan Titchmarsh: Tories are losing their connection with the countryside - Daily Telegraph

Cameron side-steps Clegg, ignores Miliband, buries Leveson...and prepares to defy the Commons majority for statutory regulation.  The judge departs for Australia.

Leveson 1) Prime Minister: I cherish press freedom

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 07.44.28
"David Cameron moved swiftly to kill off the key proposal of the long-awaited Leveson report yesterday when he voiced severe doubts about new laws to regulate the Press. The Prime Minister put himself at odds with Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband in signalling he would not “cross the Rubicon” of using legislation to underpin a new regulator. Instead, he gambled that the Press would itself quickly embrace the principles laid out by Lord Justice Leveson." - The Times (£)

  • Prime Minister rejects Davey choice as Climate Change Department Permanent Secretary - Financial Times (£)

Leveson 2) Bercow grants Clegg separate Commons statement.  LibDem leader agrees with Leveson over regulation, parts company with him over the regulator

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 07.48.10"Mr Clegg suggested he supported changing the law, insisting it was 'the only way to guarantee' that the media was kept in check. He said a free Press 'does not mean a Press that is free to bully innocent people' and 'destroy lives'. However, he echoed Mr Cameron's concern about any involvement for Ofcom and the proposed tightening of data protection rules." - Daily Mail

  • Communications Data "Snoopers charter" Bill may be sunk by LibDems - Daily Mail

Leveson 3) Miliband backs the entire report, which he can't have had time to read

"The PM’s stand also left him at loggerheads with Labour boss Ed Miliband, who demanded the report be implemented “in its entirety”. He added there could be “no more last chance saloons”. The Opposition leader told Mr Cameron he would try to persuade him of the need for the law in cross-party talks set up to search for a consensus. And Mr Miliband revealed he will force a vote in the Commons in January, or even before the end of the year if he could, adding: “We must act.” - The Sun 

Leveson 4) Jeremy Hunt is cleared (Will Bryant apologise?  Will he hell...)

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 07.53.44"Mr Hunt had been criticised by opponents for allegedly being “too close” to an executive from tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s company. But Lord Leveson found “no credible evidence of actual bias on the part of Mr Hunt” while playing a quasi-judicial role in the botched £8billion broadcast deal…Mr Hunt, who is now Health Secretary, said: “I welcome the fact the report states that not only was there no evidence of bias on my part in the handling of the BSkyB bid but that I put in place robust systems to ensure it would be handled impartially." - Daily Express

Leveson 5) Cameron to draft statutory regulation bill just to prove "how complicated it was"

"The talks with Ed Miliband, Labour leader, and Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister, lasted less than 30 minutes. Mr Cameron promised to draft a bill on press regulation, but his allies said it was just to prove “how complicated it was”. He hopes the press will immediately set up a new regulator – independent of the industry – to reassure a highly sceptical public and prove that it is serious about rectifying serial malpractice which culminated in the phone hacking scandal." - Financial Times (£)

Brown Hands UP
Leveson: politics

  • "No evidence" of News International deal with Cameron.  Brown allegations slapped down.  All recent Prime Ministers "too close" to media and Salmond too accommodating to Murdoch - The Times (£)
  • Salmond wants to implement Leveson in Scotland, is told to quit talks on the report after judge's criticisms of him - Scotsman

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 08.04.13Leveson: papers

  • Verdict on papers: Telegraph "surprising" over Cable.  Times displayed "a lack of objectivity".  Dacre unwilling "to entertain the idea that each of these stories might have been hurtful".  Richard Desmond "very disturbing".   Guardian's "gravamen" praised - Daily Telegraph

Leveson: police

  • Blunders not corruption led to bungled police response - The Independent
  • Judge's bonkers plan to stop off-the-record police briefings - Daily Telegraph

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 08.05.32Leveson: campaigners

  • Press victims, celebrities accuse Cameron of 'ripping heart and soul' out of Leveson inquiry - The Guardian
  • Press freedom campaigns warn of Leveson "slippery slope" - The Guardian

Leveson: In the Commons

  • "Nearly every Tory MP other than Malcolm Rifkind, including significant names such as David Davis, John Whittingdale and Peter Lilley, gave solid support to Mr Cameron" - Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • "If David Cameron has his way, the last chance saloon, far from being closed, is to be refurbished – with exciting new decor, a wide range of guest beers, and an all-day menu with tempting platters for sharing" - Simon Hoggart, The Guardian
  • Jeremy Hunt was wearing a smile as big as a banana - Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph

Leveson: In his own words

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 08.06.35Judge flies out to Oz - The Independent

Leveson: The Editorials

Leveson: The Commentators

Spectator Editor reprieved from threat of jail term

Fraser Nelson"The moment of maximal danger for Britain’s press freedom lasted for precisely 99 minutes: the time between Lord Justice Leveson’s report being published, and the Prime Minister rejecting its most illiberal recommendations. It is as well the weighty tome was delivered to No 10 a day early, because it took quite a piece of investigative journalism to get to the bottom of it. It was clear the judge wanted Ofcom, the television regulator, to take the press into its purview. As the Prime Minister explained to his colleagues, this would create a tool that could be ratcheted up later on. Its very existence would be an affront to British liberty." - Fraser Nelson, Daily Telegraph

  • Britain's "preppers" stockpile food, petrol, arms and even condoms as they prepare for apocalypse  - Daily Mail (But, Fraser, it's safe to come out now.)
  • A rotten day for freedom - Max Hastings, Daily Mail
  • Lord Justice Leveson is right: the press cannot any longer expect to mark its own homework; but neither should the rich and powerful - Philip Stephens, Financial Times (£)
  • Cameron sides with the press - Steve Richards, The Independent
  • A clever report - but why the silence on Murdoch and ownership? - Harold Evans, The Guardian
  • The press Leveson wants to regulate soon won’t exist on paper. By ignoring the web, his proposals are out of date - Hugo Rifkind, The Times (£)

Coulson and Brooks charged in court - Daily Express

Investigative journalists who breach data protection rules could be jailed - Daily Mail

> Today:

> Yesterday:

Biggest fall in immigration for 20 years

"Migration into Britain has seen the biggest fall in 20 years, official figures revealed yesterday. A total of 536,000 foreigners came to live here in 2011, 42,000 fewer than the year before. The drop was the biggest since immigration went down by 61,000 during the 1991 recession. The numbers entering Britain were the lowest since 2004, when hundreds of thousands of Eastern European workers were allowed in." - Daily Mail

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 04.57.44
"When this Government came to power we said we would get migration down from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands. Today’s figures mark the latest step towards achieving that goal and finally getting immigration under control." - Theresa May, Daily Express

  • Police to investigate website trading university scholarships for sex - The Independent

> Yesterday: Tory Diary - Net migration falls by a quarter in a year

Energy bill: You will pay best part of £200 a year to fund green power

"Families will see fuel bills rise by £170 while heavy industries enjoy a tax break, it was revealed last night. Energy Secretary Ed Davey said “energy-intensive” firms would be exempt from extra costs created by the Government’s new green targets. But consumer groups warned families would pick up the tab by paying more for their gas and electricity. The tax break, unveiled yesterday as the new Energy Bill was finally published, was vital to prevent firms relocating abroad, said Mr Davey." - The Sun

Boris goes to Bollywood

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 08.38.57"At a party on Wednesday Mr Johnson boasted of meeting a famous Bollywood actress on the flight to Mumbai – only cheerfully to admit he hadn’t the faintest idea who she was. Then there was the article with which he kicked off the visit in which he described ogling a pretty woman in the back of a Jaguar in New Delhi, an experience that brought about a “surging sense of hope”…This is the first of a spate of foreign trips, which many see as a bid to raise the mayor’s profile ahead of a move to usurp David Cameron at the helm of both the Tory party and the country." - Financial Times (£)

UN General Assembly votes overwhelmingly for Palestinian statehood. Britain abstains - The Guardian

> Yesterday: Robert Halfon MP on Comment - What exactly is the UN voting for when it comes to the establishment of another Palestinian State?

West Coast main line official says that she is being targeted for "political reasons" - Financial Times (£)

NHS will pay for music lessons - The Times (£)

SAS Sniper Danny Nightingale, jailed for 'illegally possessing' Iraqi gift pistol, has his sentence quashed - Daily Mail

A cold coming we had of it: Arctic freeze on its way  - Daily Express

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