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Newslinks for Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Hague EU Germany speech6.15pm WATCH: William Hague: The EU "is part of, but far from all of, the solution to the fundamental challenges we face"

4.45pm LeftWatch: 'Majorities of Labour voters hold extremist right-wing views on Europe and immigration'

4pm Christian Guy on Comment: David Cameron's speech yesterday may be the crucial step to making the justice system fit for purpose

3pm Iain Anderson on Comment: Will Britain vote for enhanced co-operation on a Financial Transaction Tax?

2.30pm WATCH: Philip Davies MP has testy exchange with George Entwistle at DCMS Select Committee: "Are there any other questions you would like us to prompt that you would like to ask?"

Leslie and Fox2pm Charlotte Leslie MP on Comment: We could save £1billion and 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide by ending the dual-seat arrangement of the EU

1pm Local government: Greenwich Council takes money from schools to pay for union officials

12.45pm ToryDiary: There is no "u-turn" on a badger cull - Owen Paterson is doing the right thing and temporarily postponing it

Noon MPsETC: Cameron hears Tory consternation about European budgets and banking union - and receives grilling on in/out referendum

ToryDiary: Unwillingly and unhappily, Cameron is being slowly hauled towards a referendum on EU exit

Also on ToryDiary: No sign that Labour is extending its opinion poll lead BUT the Cameron-Miliband gap is closing

AshcroftLord Ashcroft on Comment: Labour now 22% ahead in Corby by-election

MPsETC: Lib Dem collapse in Corby should worry every Tory facing a second-placed Labour candidate

Also on Comment - Amber Rudd MP: We should look at the Danish model of childcare for a higher quality system providing quality jobs

Local government: The local authorities with the worst GCSE results

The Deep End: Long-term prosperity depends on family values

Child benefit cuts "heading for chaos": Reforms are so complicated even the taxman can't explain them

Osborne NewX"George Osborne’s scheme to cut child benefit risks descending into chaos because the taxman is struggling to explain the complicated reforms to parents. ... Letters have been scheduled to be sent since the start of the autumn. Accountants warn of chaos because the taxman has left it far too late to implement the scheme in time for the planned January 7 launch." - Daily Mail

  • "If the Government is seen to botch comparatively minor reforms, or alienates particular groups due to their flawed implementation, it will be harder to push through more significant measures, or to implement those already in the pipeline." - Daily Telegraph editorial

Hague to tell Germany to give Britain powers back, or risk EU collapse

Hague William New Headshot"[Hague] will fire the warning shot as Britain and Germany continue to clash over the size of the future EU budget. He will tell [a German think-tank]: ‘This Coalition Government is committed to Britain playing a leading role in the EU. But I must also be frank. Public disillusionment with the EU in Britain is the deepest it has ever been. People feel that in too many ways the EU is something that is done to them, not something over which they have a say.’" - Daily Mail

  • Britain 'has not tightened its belt in order to fund bigger EU budgets' says David Cameron as he demands freeze on spending - Daily Mail
  • Backbench demand for EU budget veto thwarts Cameron's bid to set the agenda - Independent
  • Europe will become ever less relevant as the century progresses - Allister Heath for City AM

> Today on ToryDiaryUnwillingly and unhappily, Cameron is being slowly hauled towards a referendum on EU exit

Labour set to win Corby by-election after 13-point swing to the party

BALLOT BOX 1"Labour has moved into an unassailable lead in next month’s Corby... by-election, according to a poll. Research by former Tory deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft puts Ed Miliband’s party on 54 per cent to the Tories’ 34 per cent, a 13-point swing since the general election. The findings confirm Tory fears that the decision by MP Louise Mensch to stand down from  Parliament – citing pressures on her family – has handed Labour an easy by-election win." Daily Mail

> Coverage today:

Patrick Wintour: Daily crises hint at deeper flaws inside David Cameron's machine

10-downing-street"One gently described the structure as "very flat", code for meaning that a lot of people can go to the same meeting. Another said: "It is an interesting question who people report to and who they answer to." This thesis suggests there is a three-dimensional structural problem – within the Conservative party itself, between coalition parties, and between the political class and the civil service – that leads to so many mistakes." - Patrick Wintour for the Guardian

  • "David Cameron has won back Conservative support and slashed Labour’s lead in a new poll that suggests the Prime Minister is largely unscathed by the “plebgate” affair." - Times (£)
  • "The Conservative party's prized trust on managing the economy is beginning to crumble, according to a Guardian/ICM poll" - Guardian
  • "To govern is to choose. Fudge won’t work" - Rachel Sylvester for the Times (£)

> Today on ToryDiaryNo sign that Labour is extending its opinion poll lead BUT the Cameron-Miliband gap is closing

> From yesterday: 

Chris Grayling promises to end "soft option" sentences

Grayling-Red-Tie"Community sentences will include compulsory “punishments” forcing offenders to pay fines, clear litter, or keep to a curfew, ministers will announce. Criminals who avoid jail face being tracked by satellite 24 hours a day and banned from some areas or activities such as drinking alcohol. For the first time, magistrates will be able to consider criminals’ possessions, such as cars and homes, when deciding on a fine." - Daily Telegraph

  • Longer jail terms are the best way to cut re-offending - Patrick O'Flynn for the Daily Express
  • Chris Grayling puts 'punishment backing into community sentencing' - Guardian
  • G4S in the running to take control of privatised probation - Independent
  • "Chris Grayling attacked Lord Blair for telling people not to vote for elected commissioners because he doesn’t believe they should be managing forces." - Daily Mail
  • New police commissioners could lack voter mandate - Times (£)
  • Offending is falling, and prison doesn't work - Polly Toynbee for the Guardian

> From yesterday:

Paul Goodman: Why Tories are tipping Theresa May for the very top

May reshuffle"The Home Office is the department from hell. Any day can bring with it another perverse judicial ruling, Border Force scandal or protesting mass of policemen. But the Home Secretary has fought back, deporting Abu Hamza against European Court of Human Rights resistance, braving the booing ranks of the Police Federation conference and denouncing court rulings over the registration of sex offenders. To date, she has survived, even flourished." - Paul Goodman for the Daily Telegraph

Cameron urges major firms to fix cheap loans for suppliers

Cameron Scots independence"David Cameron will today urge Britain’s biggest companies to act as surrogate banks to smaller suppliers. The Prime Minister hopes the move will help maintain economic momentum as Britain emerges from a double-dip recession. He will ask large firms to use their strong credit ratings to help struggling smaller companies gain access to cheap credit." - Daily Mail

Coalition accused of abandoning MP recall plans

"The Coalition has been accused of abandoning plans to allow constituents to “recall” corrupt MPs and force byelections. Ministers have told a Commons committee they need more time to develop plans to allow voters to sack MPs who break the law or Commons rules. ... Under last year’s proposals, a recall petition would be triggered by a vote in the House of Commons or by an MP being sentenced to prison for 12 months or less." - Daily Telegraph

Lords defeat Pickles’s plan for "poll tax"

Pickles PEB

"One of the biggest rebellions yet by Liberal Democrat peers helped to beat Eric Pickles’s plans to reduce the budget used to spare poorer families from council tax. He also intends to make local councils responsible for administering the reduced budget next year." - Times (£)

Badger cull to be delayed as Tories take another U-turn

Paterson_owen_2"The environment secretary, Owen Paterson, will announce on Tuesday that the government is delaying its plan to cull thousands of badgers, probably until next year at the earliest, amid growing concern about the cost and effectiveness of the controversial scheme. Paterson has been forced to return from an official trip abroad to oversee the U-turn, which represents another setback for the government."- Guardian

  • "The government is to make a statement to Parliament on the proposed cull of of thousands of badgers, amid reports it is to delay the programme... Environment Secretary Owen Paterson will make a statement at 12:30 BST." - BBC

Hugo Rifkind: We must be mad to object to the Chancellor travelling first-class - Times (£)

Sarah Newton MP diagnosed with brittle bone disease

Newton Sarah 2008"A rising star of the Conservative Party has spoken of her shock at being diagnosed with osteoporosis after falling outside the Houses of Parliament and breaking her hip. Sarah Newton, who was made deputy chairman of the party last month, said she was ‘shaken beyond belief’ at learning she had developed – at 51 – what she had always thought of as an ‘old woman’s disease’." - Daily Mail

Bercow attacks Cameron for failing to give details of secret emails between himself and Rebekah Brooks - Independent

Linda Riordan promises to pay back profit on flat sale after renting to fellow Labour MP - Daily Telegraph

MPs to question BBC Director-General on Jimmy Savile

SelectCommittes"The BBC's Norman Smith said Mr Entwistle's appearance could be "absolutely critical" for the BBC. The BBC's chief political correspondent said: "If things go badly for the BBC... there is going to be huge, huge pressure on the government to set up some sort of inquiry." Mr Entwistle is due to appear before the Commons culture, media and sport select committee at 10:30 BST." - BBC

  • I know from experience that the BBC is an empire of control freaks and cowards - Sir Max Hastings for the Daily Mail

> From yesterday - WATCH: John Whittingdale MP: The allegation that a Newsnight investigation into Jimmy Savile was dropped is "hugely damaging"

UK public favours wind turbines over shale gas wells, poll finds - Guardian

  • The Tory culture wars laying waste to the countryside - George Monbiot for the Guardian

Aged over 50? The economic downturn probably cost you £60,000 - Daily Mail

A murder by a criminal on bail is committed every ten days - Daily Mail

Gove-+-BigBenAnd finally... 1: I'm sorry, Sir! 30 years on, Gove apologises to French teacher for his "clever-dick" questions - Daily Mail

  • Michael Gove wants to speed up the takeover of failing schools - Times (£)

And finally... 2: David Cameron in jail

"David Cameron got a glimpse of life behind bars yesterday — as he launched a crackdown on knife crime and cushy community sentences. The PM met inmates and visited a charity-run drug rehabilitation group in Wormwood Scrubs’ C-Wing." - The Sun


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