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Newslinks for Tuesday 1st November 2011

9.30pm On Comment, Andrew Lilico sets out the state of play on Greece and the wider Eurozone crisis

7.30pm MPsETC: Robert Halfon MP's petrol prices e-petition cleared for debate by the Backbench Business Committee Updated with the proposed motion of the debate

7.15pm WATCH: Vince Cable: "It's sensible... to give Asia a much more central role" in the UK's trading relationships

Halfon in Commons5.15pm MPsETC: Robert Halfon MP's petrol prices e-petition cleared for debate by the Backbench Business Committee

5pm Teatime newslinks including the latest on GDP growth and the €urozone crises

4pm Dylan Sharpe on Comment: Looking back six months ago at Britain's forgotten referendum

3.15pm WATCH:

3pm MPsETC: Eric Pickles and his Local Government team battle questions on housing, RDAs and council tax for second homes

6a00d83451b31c69e2015392bb16b3970b2.15pm On Local Government, Stephen Greenhalgh, Leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, pays tribute to Sir Simon Milton whose memorial service took place yesterday

2pm TalkingPoints: In praise of the Global Warming Policy Foundation

1pm David Burrowes MP on Comment: "Enfield's law" will ensure youths carrying knives go to prison. It is the least Parliament can do.

Noon ToryDiary: IDS, Gove and Eric Pickles top Cabinet league table; Chief Whip and Clarke plunge into negative territory

11am ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

Osborne NewX10am ToryDiary: GDP growth figures better than expected - although the Chancellor cannot afford any complacency

ToryDiary: Sun and Mail throw weight behind ePetition calling for more action on immigration

Columnist Stephan Shakespeare: The proportion of political news that matters is very, very small

Jesse Norman MP on Comment: Compass' PLAN B shows Labour is still woefully short of credible economic strategy

Tony Lodge on Comment: Labour is now supporting the original Conservative route for HS2 - so why is the Coalition supporting the old (and wrong) Labour route?

Callanan Martin June 2011 2MPsETC: Leader of Tory MEPs, Martin Callanan, renews call for Greece to leave €uro after last week's deal thrown into chaos by referendum plan

Local government: What the adoption league tables show

WATCH: Nick Clegg gives £36 million of Regional Development Fund to steel firm near his constituency

Clegg attacks 'unpatriotic' eurosceptic Tories as he says moves to repatriate powers will cost jobs - Daily Mail

  • Behind Clegg's "bluster" he is moving his position on the EU - Jason Groves in the Daily Mail
  • Voters just won't buy a federal Europe, Mr Clegg - Dominic Lawson in The Independent

Tories seen as divided after EU row and it's Cameron who is seen as out of touch with public

  • "A majority of voters regard the Conservatives as more divided than the last Labour Government amid the party’s public rows over Europe, according to a ComRes survey for The Independent. Some 56% of the public --including 38% of Tory supporters-- believe that the Tories are now more divided than the previous government, while 32% of people disagree."
  • "A majority (55 per cent) regard Mr Cameron as out of touch with public opinion on Europe, while 33 per cent of the public disagree. Only 27 per cent of people think the UK gets a good deal from being a member of the EU, while 60 per cent disagree." - Independent

If David Cameron does not toughen his EU policies he risks an exodus to UKIP - Express leader

HESELTINE MICHAELPanel chaired by Lord Heseltine picked winners of Coalition's £1bn Regional Growth Fund - Express

"The Government plans just £1 billion of these “public works”. In an economy of around £1.5 trillion, that is quite trivial – no Plan B; no resiling from the Coalition’s deficit-reduction programme. It will not drive us into debt. It cannot leave us with too many white elephants that no one uses." - Andrew Lilico for The Telegraph

"Increasingly, Mr Cameron’s advisers have started to argue that “small is beautiful” rather than talking about the Big Society." - Rachel Sylvester for The Times (£)

Influential left-wing Liberal Democrats propose economic Plan B - Letter to The Guardian

  • Public sector job losses may be closer to 600,000 than 400,000 - FT (£)
  • It could take Britain SIX YEARS to recover from recession, warns think tank as OECD slashes Eurozone growth forecast in half - Daily Mail | Metro

The Telegraph leader-writers call for more radical economic measures: "Exceptional times require radical measures, including some that the Lib Dems in the Coalition won’t like, such as the employment law reforms proposed in Adrian Beecroft’s report last week. The bureaucracy and costs associated with employment regulations, many of them imposed through EU directives, have crushed the life out of small businesses. Any government serious about growth would do something about them, and soon."


> On MajorityConservatism yesterday Tim Montgomerie set out a more radical economic growth agenda.

25,000 green jobs said to be at risk after Coalition plans halving of subsidies - Telegraph

"Solar company executives have condemned the “nightmare” announcement of government plans to halve subsidies for household solar panels, threatening legal action against a step they claim would destroy the industry." - FT (£)

Theresa May unveils £11 million plan to tackle gang violence

MAY Theresa (blk jacket)"Mrs May will today publish a joint report with Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith — ordered by PM David Cameron in the aftermath of four days of rioting that rocked Britain in August. As a key part of the strategy, the Cabinet duo will announce a 100-strong task force to enforce the Government's new blueprint. The unit, dubbed the Ending Gang Violence Team, will be dispatched across the UK to tailor individual plans for different areas to suit their specific problems." - Sun

Iain Duncan Smith: Society would “simply collapse” without the support of elderly people who care for their grandchildren and volunteer for charity - Telegraph

Local authorities will be able to decide whether to retain council tax discounts on second homes if communities department proposals take effect - FT (£)

  • "More than one million low-income workers are expected to lose up to £400 a year in council tax benefit as part of the Treasury’s plans to save £500 million" - Times (£)

The ten questions in the Government's Happiness survey - Daily Mail

Baroness Neville-Jones has accused China and Russia of carrying out cyber warfare attacks aimed at stealing national security secrets from other countries - Telegraph

Fox already eyeing return to front line - Independent

Fox Liam Apr11:2"“I would certainly like to get back to the front bench — how quickly, is another matter,” [he told BBC Bristol]. “For the moment I will enjoy having a little bit of extra time. There are one or two projects that I want to get involved in on the charitable side and to devote some time to that.” - Times (£)

  • "A millionaire venture capitalist has complained that he was 'mugged' when he donated money to help former defence secretary Liam Fox." - Daily Mail

Lord Forsyth says Alex Salmond has been threatening to sabotage plans for early Scottish referendum - Herald

Polly Toynbee is optimistic about Labour's electoral prospects

Toynbee Polly"In an election now, the leading psephologist Professor John Curtice reckons Labour could win outright. After the boundary changes, they would still be the biggest party in a hung parliament, gaining most from the Lib Dem collapse. It worries many in Labour ranks that as yet they have made no inroads into the Tory vote, but even so Curtice still gives Labour the winning edge. To be ahead at all is, he reckons, not bad only 18 months from a car-crash election, and he remarks on Labour's uncharacteristic freedom from serious internal discord." - Polly Toynbee in The Guardian

  • The latest YouGov/ Sun poll gives the Conservatives a 40% to 36% lead on this question: "If you had to choose, which would you prefer to see after the next election, a Conservative government led by David Cameron or a Labour government led by Ed Miliband?"

Minimum price of two litre bottle of cider would go from £1.20 to £3.75 under SNP plans - BBC

From Chelsea barracks to education, the Prince of Wales's abuse of position cries out for constitutional action - Peter Wilby in The Guardian

Don't worry about seven billion or even nine billion people because we have the technology to cope - Matt Ridley in The Times (£)

And finally... Oliver Letwin swaps park bin for 'mobile office' -


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