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Newslinks for Sunday 4th September 2011

10.15pm WATCH: Murdo Fraser MSP says he doesn't want to disband the Scottish Tories but he does want it to have a more "distinctively Scottish" identity

4.30pm Andrew Lilico on Comment: On Choices: Part I - Against Determinism

Screen shot 2011-09-04 at 14.36.582.45pm LeftWatch: No wonder he's the Tories' secret weapon; Voters' confidence in Ed Balls is low and sinking

2.30pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

10.15am ToryDiary: Cameron promises to turbo charge economic and family policy, and is said to be considering benefit cuts for bad parents

ToryDiary: After twenty years of Scottish Tory failure it's time for a 'Made in Scotland' conservative party

John Howell MP on Comment: The Government's planning framework will promote sustainable growth, protect the environment and hand power back to local people

Local government: Brian Paddick chosen as Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London

VIDEO: David and Samantha Cameron join Queen and Duke of Edinburgh for Highland Games

Murdo Fraser, frontrunner for leadership of Scottish Tories, wants to disband party and form new centre right gathering - BBC

Scotland on Sunday: "Many of the elderly Scottish Tory membership will remember the heady days of 1955 - the last time a right-wing party had a Scottish majority. Back then, the antecedents of today's Scottish Tories - the Unionist Party - held 36 of the 71 Scottish seats at Westminster. Before it merged with the UK Conservative Party to become the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, it had been a distinctly Scottish, autonomous right-wing party. Sound familiar?"

  • "Scottish Conservative has, alas, become an oxymoron. Murdo Fraser is right: it's time to start again." - Fraser Nelson in The Spectator
  • ‘The strategy is one of appeasement of the nationalists and I think it is one that will fail.’ - Lord Forsyth quoted in the Mail on Sunday

Parents of truanting children may lose some benefits

CAMERON POINTING "In his article in The Mail on Sunday today, [the PM] asks if parents whose children play truant should face ‘stronger sanctions’. While he does not specify this, Ministers are discussing the withdrawal of child benefit from such households."" - Mail on Sunday leader

Theresa May vowed to block David Cameron’s choice of US ‘Supercop’ Bill Bratton as the next Metropolitan Police Commissioner because she despises his ‘macho’ personality - Mail on Sunday

Osborne 'backs' call for 30% quota of women on company boardrooms

"He is hosting a party at 11 Downing Street to launch a book which blames foul-mouthed ‘sexist, lecherous, psychopathic’ bankers and bosses for the economic crisis. The book Masters Of Nothing is written by high-flying Tory MP Matthew Hancock, a close friend of the Chancellor, and entrepreneur Nadhim Zahawi, a fellow Conservative MP. The authors demand a 30 per cent quota of women on company boards and say that if male bosses refuse to act, the Government should force them by law." - Mail on Sunday



Cameron may delay bank restructuring until 2015 to protect fragile economic recovery - Sunday Telegraph

DORRIES-Nadine Nick Clegg forced Cameron to change his mind on independent counselling for abortion

  • "Conservative Nadine Dorries rounded on the Prime Minister after Tory MPs were ordered to sabotage a bid to change the advice to women seeking abortions... ‘I was told by a Cabinet Minister that the PM dropped it to save Coalition stability." - Mail on Sunday
  • "In a poll conducted by ComRes for Right to Know, a campaign supporting the Dorries amendment, 78 per cent of people agreed that a woman ''should have a right to independent counselling when considering having an abortion” - Quoted in The Sunday Telegraph

Clegg claims to have stopped Gove from allowing free schools to make a profit - Observer

  • Liberal Democrats want local authorities to have greater role in free schools - James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday details how the Lib Dems are throwing spanners in the Tory works

Despite concessions Clegg still can't get his party to vote for NHS reforms with Shirley Williams issuing new threat to sink them - Observer

  • The new health bill displays an unhealthy fascination with the discredited US system - Baroness Williams writing in The Observer
  • Senior officials discussed handing the management of up to 20 English NHS hospitals to overseas companies - BBC

Tim Montgomerie: Why power is moving to the Lib Dems

"The Liberals had been out of power for 70 years, and it’s taken a little while for Clegg in particular to get to grips with how government works. During the early months of the Coalition, senior Tories saw Clegg’s office as dysfunctional, lacking the machinery to impose its will on ministers and departments, which suited the Conservatives perfectly. Now, however, Clegg has learnt the tricks of the Whitehall trade. Parts of the Civil Service have come to see him as a useful ally, and are giving him the support and advice that he needs to block Tory ministers’ plans." - Tim Montgomerie in The Sunday Telegraph

1 in 5 Lib Dem seats to go in boundaries shake-up - The Sunday Times (£)

Tories 38%, Labour 39%, Lib Dems 10% - YouGov

Cameron's social project is what really animates him - Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Brown was close to firing Darling on FIVE occasions

"Mr Darling accuses Mr Brown of “hopeless” leadership and “appalling behaviour” during his premiership, during which he claims Mr Brown failed to deal with the financial crisis. In his memoirs, published this week, Mr Darling claims that Gordon Brown was so misguided as prime minister that he was convinced the worst economic downturn in recent years would be over in six months." - The Sunday Telegraph

Screen shot 2011-09-04 at 07.19.11 Brown thought financial crisis would only last six months - The Sunday Times (£)

  • Alistair Darling’s memoirs reveal even his shock as the prime minister and his brutal cabal lurched from crisis to crisis in a fog of mistrust - The Sunday Times (£)

Given that Brown was a monster, why did Blair and Campbell and Darling et al allow him to become PM? - John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Andrew Rawnsley: The good and bad of Darling's memoirs for Ed Miliband

"Alistair Darling has not done his party any favours by publishing a memoir that adds further confirmatory detail about the profound policy disputes and poisonous relationships which consumed the last government. The former chancellor does do his party a service by reminding them why they lost power and indicating what they will have to do to regain it. Labour was thrown out of office principally because it was no longer trusted with money. Labour will not see power again until the party has won back its economic credibility." - Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

And finally... Cameron with Queen in Scotland

Screen shot 2011-09-04 at 06.27.54

"The Queen and Prime Minster David Cameron have attended the Braemar Gathering in Royal Deeside. They watched competitors take part in events including hammer throwing, tug-o-war and caber tossing." - BBC

"Samantha Cameron showed off her style credentials – and a dazzling new ring – when she joined the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh for her first official visit to the Highland Games in Scotland. The Prime Minister’s wife, who accompanied her husband to the annual Braemar Gathering, the biggest event in the games season, wore a tailored woollen suit lent to her by British designer Paul Smith." - Mail on Sunday


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