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Newslinks for Tuesday 9th August 2011

Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 18.49.48 7pm WATCH:

5pm WATCH: Ed Miliband: 'We must restore public order'

4:45pm WATCH: Boris Johnson heckled by Clapham crowd

4pm Lord Ahmad on Comment: The scenes witnessed across London last night were unprecedented. Carnage and mayhem ruled the roost as many brave police officers battled against the odds to bring some semblance of peace to the anarchic situation on the streets of our capital city.

3pm WATCH: Conservative MP for Battersea, Jane Ellison: 'March your children to the police station'

12.45pm WATCH: Cameron's full Downing Street statement on the London riots

12.15pm Nick Wood on Comment: Mrs May was once worried about the Conservative Party seeming nasty. She should relax. The average pussy cat is more intimidating than our so-called forces of law and order.


11.15am ToryDiary: Cameron announces 10,000 extra police officers will be on London's streets tonight

Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 10.47.0310.45am WATCH: Theresa May tells the BBC that "robust policing" will restore order in London

10.30am Robert Halfon MP on Comment: It's cheap politics to blame the Coalition for these riots. The causes go deep.

ToryDiary: Cameron has two tasks. (1) Restore immediate order. (2) Plot a path to a country where there are consequences for doing the wrong thing.

LeftWatch: Ken Livingstone has shown he is unfit to be London's Mayor

Marc Glendening on Comment: Re-negotiation is not an option, and banging on about it risks splitting the right-left coalition for an EU referendum

Local government: Why does Transport for London own 17 pubs? and Livingstone says riots are "revolt" against "massive cuts"


David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson all return to London for emergency meetings

Cameron-and-police-officer "The Prime Minister, who was due to fly out of Italy at 3am on an RAF aircraft dispatched to pick him up late on Monday night, will first meet the home secretary, Theresa May, and the acting Met commissioner, Tim Godwin. May, who cut short her holiday in Switzerland, condemned the "sheer criminality" of the violence. Cameron will then chair an emergency Cobra meeting at 9am in the cabinet office which will be attended by Nick Clegg, who has cancelled a visit to the south west. Boris Johnson, the London mayor, who was flying home overnight after cancelling his family holiday in North America, is due in London at lunchtime." - Guardian

At Telegraph blogs, Benedict Brogan has suggested nine action points for the PM: "Encourage the police to put aside the ACPO mandated relativism and go in with vigour. Law-abiding citizens, in particular those who have seen their property destroyed, want no half-measures. Mr Cameron should lead from the front in requiring that the police act against looters and those who interfere with their work with extreme prejudice."

On Dale & Co., Shane Stone, former Federal President of the Australian Liberal Party, asks whether Cameron was 'Missing in Action?'  He uses comparisons with George Bush in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and how this compared to John Howard's "instantaneous" response to every natural disaster in Australia, and the leadership of Jens Stoltenberg in response to the massacre in Norway.  Stone concludes that "this may well be the Conservative Governments greatest challenge as it struggles to rebuild the UK economy." Shane Stone in Dale & Co.

Patrick Mercer calls for water cannon

"“I find it strange that we are willing to use these sort of measures against the Irish yet when Englishmen step out of line and behave in this atrocious and appalling way, we are happy to mollycoddle them... If the police want cannon then they should be allowed to use them. I have used water cannon myself and I found them extremely effective.” - Tory MP Patrick Mercer quoted in The Telegraph

Several Birmingham MPs have also called on David Cameron to send in the army, and recall parliament - Birmingham Mail

FREER MIKE Tory MPs attack attempts by Left to blame cuts for the riots

  • Mike Freer, Conservative MP for Finchley and Golders Green, said: "It’s complete nonsense. These riots are about vandalism. If Labour politicians want to ride on the back of the rioters in order to obtain some spurious political advantage they should be ashamed of themselves. To the best of my knowledge, we talked about cuts but most of them have not bitten yet. If Labour politicians really believe that, let’s have a list of cuts that they think justified people turning to violence. Even the local MP David Lammy has rejected that approach."
  • Mark Field: "Of all people, Ken Livingstone should know how much Hackney and Lewisham have changed beyond all recognition over the last 30 years."

Read more in the Daily Mail.

A failure of policing?

  • Individual police officers "are lions led by donkeys who listened a bit too intently to the sociology lectures about “hate crime” at Bramshill police college" - David Green in The Telegraph
  • Police chiefs last night vowed to hunt down the thugs who used social media to organise and encourage the sickening scenes of violence - Sun

Nick Clegg warned of riots if Conservatives were elected

A pre-election video of Nick Clegg from April has resurfaced.  Anorak describes a "fear-mongering Nick Clegg – Mr Inconsistent 2011  - telling one and all that if the Tories are elected in the last General Election there will lots of rioting."

Liam Fox and his lucky aides direct the conflict in Libya from a Spanish hotel - at the taxpayer's expense - Daily Mail

PR experts launch 'Conservatives In Communications' to help Tory leadership improve message - Independent

Tim Montgomerie: "Talking to two of the individuals involved in the group I understand the Independent's story is complete rubbish. 'Conservatives in Communications' is in its earliest stages and is modelled on the Liberal Democrats in Communications group. It does not have an agenda. It is merely a gathering at this stage of Tories interested in better political communication."

Redwood-on-NewsnightS Britain should give up its veto on what other EU states can do; in return we'll have a right to opt out of any EU activity we choose - John Redwood in The Telegraph

Osborne sees €urozone crisis as a political “opportunity” to inject urgency into his efforts to revitalise Britain’s sluggish economy - FT (£)

Clegg says governments around the world 'need to get to grips with their public finances' as Britain has done - Guardian

"The action taken by the coalition has insulated the UK from the worst of the economic firestorm. It is worth pausing to think about what would have happened if Labour had remained in power. The Opposition has repeatedly accused the Government of going too far, too fast on deficit reduction, while repeatedly failing to set out its own plans. It should now be clear to all that Labour’s approach would have been too little, too late." - The Deputy PM writing for The Times (£)

  • Clegg promises more action on growth - BBC

LIBERAL-DEMOCRATS Liberal Democrats seek "land tax" as part of bid to put "clear orange water" between themselves and Conservatives - Independent

  • Lib Dems to urge changes to 'stressful' benefit tests - BBC

"Which of the following countries does not require its 16- to 18-year-old school students to study maths? Is it Australia, Germany, the US, Japan, Singapore or England? No prizes for the right answer." - In The Independent Anthony Seldon responds to Carol Vorderman's maths report.

SMS messages – short, sweet and personal – are now oiling the wheels of Whitehall - Rachel Sylvester in The Times (£)

Supermarkets launch petrol price war - cutting 2p from cost of litre - Daily Mail

"The global financial panic is cutting oil prices. That means cheaper petrol. Asda, Morrisons and Tesco have already knocked off a penny or two. But as the AA says, that's not enough. The big fuel firms and supermarkets could do more." - The Sun


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