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Newslinks for Sunday 24th July 2011

5.30pm WATCH: NATO transfers province to Afghan forces

HagueWilliamMarr 3.45pm WATCH: William Hague: Norway will be discussed at the National Security Council

2.30pm JP Floru on Comment: Immigration: When Socialism becomes National

2pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top American conservative news

1.15pm LeftWatch: Observer columnist Will Hutton heaps praise on the European project

11am Martin Parsons on Comment: A small step in the right direction direction for coastal communities

ToryDiary: George Osborne pledges to "go for growth" and cut red tape

Bridgen AndrewAndrew Bridgen MP on Comment helpfully suggests some destinations for Ed Balls' holidays: "A good start perhaps would be Greece. As Mr Balls travels from Athens airport, he could soak up the sight of half-completed buildings and reflect on the 16% unemployment rate, 16%+ interest rate on 10 year Government bonds and riots in the street as banks and investors remain unconfident about the country’s outlook."

Paul Goodman on Comment: We Are Not All Guilty of Norway's murders

Local government:


David Cameron writes to his 16-year-old self

"In an article for next month's edition of The Big Issue, which Mr Cameron is guest-editing, he also discloses advice his father gave him that could provide useful in the phone-hacking scandal: to remain optimistic "no matter how bad things are"." - Independent on Sunday

Downing Street "split" as Hilton and Llewellyn blame each other over failure to warn Cameron about Coulson

Coulson Andy PC3"The dispute between Mr Hilton and Mr Llewellyn marks a potentially explosive new schism in the Prime Minister’s team. Mr Hilton repeatedly warned Mr Cameron not to get too close to News International. He was furious when the Tory leader recruited Mr Coulson as his director of communications in 2007. Before last year’s Election, Mr Hilton urged Mr Cameron not to take Mr Coulson into No 10. Again, Mr Cameron ignored him." - Mail on Sunday

  • Fears over Andy Coulson's clearance as officials admit: We thought he had been vetted - The Observer

Almost a quarter of entertainment enjoyed by Downing Street advisers was hosted by News International - Sunday Telegraph

  • George Osborne's relationship with Murdoch under scrutiny - Independent on Sunday
  • Tea with Tony and dinner with Cherie – how the Murdochs wined and dined the Blairs - The Observer

News International 'bullied Liberal Democrats over BSkyB bid' - The Observer

Conservative MP Louise Mensch and Alan Sugar in Twitter row

BAGSHAWE LOUISE NEW "Lord Sugar accused the MP for Corby of abusing parliamentary privilege during a culture, media and sport select committee hearing on Tuesday where she incorrectly claimed Piers Morgan had admitted hacking into celebrities' phones when he edited the tabloid. Sugar launched the astonishing attack after she refused to repeat her claims outside the hearing because she would not be protected by parliamentary privilege and would leave herself open to being sued." - The Observer 

Matthew d'Ancona: The hiring of Andy Coulson exposes David Cameron’s essential decency

D'ANCONA MATT"Yet, just as “Iraq” has become shorthand for everything that people disliked about Blair, so “Coulson” is already being shouted by Labour backbenchers at Cameron as a catch-all code word for the full range of the PM’s supposed flaws. What is it meant to capture? The idea of corruption and collusion, for starters. The notion that beneath the gossamer skin of democracy, real power lies with networks, “sets” (whether in Chipping Norton or elsewhere), the alleged unhealthy symbiosis between what Gordon Brown calls the “criminal-media nexus” of News International and the born-to-rule alumni of the Bullingdon." - Matthew d'Ancona, in the Sunday Telegraph

  • David Cameron says he has learned his lesson – but has he? - Andrew Rawnsley, in the Observer

Tim Montgomerie: It's not the Murdochs but the BBC that holds the real power in Britain

BBC megaphone"...the real power is in the hands of the Murdochs’ arch-enemy: the BBC. When it comes to news, 73 per cent of us get most of it from television – and the BBC supplies 70 per cent of TV news. Its dominance is even greater when you factor in the high-end, high-impact programmes that shape the whole current affairs agenda: the Today programme, Newsnight, Question Time." - Tim Montgomerie, in the Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday on LeftWatch: Ed Miliband's contradictory views on competition

Andrew Mitchell and Kevin Rudd: It is obscene that we should leave any child to starve

Mitchell Andrew Feb 2011"More than 11 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti. Unicef has labelled the situation in Somalia the "children's famine": reports say that two million young children across the Horn of Africa are malnourished and in need of immediate help. ... The international community has the opportunity to save countless lives. But to do so our response needs to be rapid, flexible and mindful of past mistakes. We need to act now to avert an avoidable catastrophe." - Independent on Sunday

Ministers want "battle-hardened colonels" to shake up the police

"Army colonels who have served on the front line in Afghanistan could be brought in to run the police in a government shake-up designed to create a new “officer class” in local forces. Downing Street is looking at fast-tracking army officers into the highest police ranks, along with senior intelligence personnel and lawyers, in a bid to improve policing standards." - Sunday Times (£)

Boris calls for shake up of the male-dominated MetSunday Times (£)

John Rentoul: What can Boris Johnson be up to?

"Boris Johnson is up to something. He usually is, and it is usually the same thing. I am not talking about his private life, but about his ceaseless positioning to take over from David Cameron as prime minister. It seems improbable that he might succeed, yet he persists with such enthusiasm that he makes us wonder." - John Rentoul, in the Independent on Sunday

Janet Daley: The euro bail-out is a conspiracy against democracy

DALEY JANEY BLOG "Deny people the ballot box as an effective outlet for their dissatisfaction, and they will take to the streets, either to replace their government by force, or worse, simply to vent their inchoate fury. ... The glimmerings already visible of extremist politics in Europe (sometimes in countries that have been traditionally liberal and tolerant) are alarming enough: they will be as nothing to what might be on the rise if this arrogant determination to remove the democratic accessibility of national governments is pursued to the end." - Janet Daley, in the Sunday Telegraph

  • Afloat … for now: Tensions resurface over Eurozone's basic tenets - Scotland on Sunday

> Yesterday on Comment - Andrew Lilico: EU renegotiation – another, different, bite at the cherry?

Welsh Conservatives are making experience count Wales on Sunday

£2m bonus for top energy chief as bills go up by £200 - Sunday Times (£)

Safe drinking limits to be reviewed - Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday on Comment - Matthew Sinclair: The Guardian/Greenpeace investigation isn't convincing. Conservative MEPs have made up their own mind to oppose even more radical EU emissions targets

Labour leader Ed Miliband to smash power of union barons 

Miliband Ed ITN "In a move designed to shake off his 'Red Ed' tag, Ed Miliband will stop them dictating Labour policies – and the leadership. The three men facing curbs are Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite, Paul Kenny, who leads the GMB, and Unison's Dave Prentis. Ironically, the unions played a key role in ensuring Mr Miliband defeated his brother David in last year's Labour leadership contest." - Mail on Sunday

And finally... Children's television lacks female role models, says Lib Dem MP

"Jo Swinson, the Liberal Democrat MP who lambasted airbrushing in glossy magazines, now has TV commissioners in her sights. She claims the industry's obsession with pink and princesses is harming the self-confidence of young girls across the country. Dora the Explorer is a rare example of a "normal" girl who just tries to be "fun and cool", she says." - Independent on Sunday





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