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Sunday 2nd May 2010

8.30pm Seats and candidates: Please give what you can to end the Liberal Democrat monopoly in Cornwall

8pm ToryDiary: YouGov/Sun daily tracker poll has Tories 5% ahead

7.30pm Election gallery: Beautiful photographs of Cameron campaigning in Cornwall

6.30pm Seats and candidates: The Observer's attack on Philippa Stroud

IMG_10865.45pm ToryDiary: CCHQ distribute 'key messages newspaper' to one million homes in target seats

5pm Local government: The battle for Northern Ireland

4.15pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: A stain on the great sport of snooker

12.45pm Nick Wood on ToryDiary: David Cameron has the Mo

12.30pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: Riots in Greece

12.15pm WATCH: What will you do with the £150 you'll get from the Conservatives stopping Labour's job tax?

10.15am LeftWatch: David Miliband is favourite to be next Labour leader

10am ToryDiary: There'll be no cuts to frontline services under a Tory government, says Cameron

ToryDiary: Labour's aim now isn't to stop David Cameron

Goodman Paul Goodman on CentreRight: Fleet Street endorsements at election time aren't worth yesterday's fish and chip paper

HANNAN DAN Dan Hannan on Seats and candidates: Why I'm spending the last weekend of the election campaign in Northern Ireland

Matt Woods on Platform: We should allow private healthcare providers to advertise in the NHS

Local government: The battles for Colchester... Nuneaton and Bedworth... Stroud... and Tamworth

WATCH: Behind-the-scenes with David Cameron, before and after the third debate

Can you help us raise money for Tory candidates in LibCon marginals?

YellowToBlue As of 9am on Sunday we are £1,455 of the way towards our target of raising £1,000 for each of three knife-edge contests. Please give what you can via this link - even if it's just a couple of pounds. It all helps!

Tories pulling ahead in overnight polls

Lead&Support See them all here.

In The Sunday Telegraph, Janet Daley makes a clear prediction: "A good proportion of Lib Dem support will evaporate on polling day; the Conservatives will win with a working majority and Labour will implode after their worst defeat in living memory."

Voters like Nick Clegg but not his policies

"A YouGov poll of nearly 1,500 people shows that the Liberal Democrat’s personal rating has risen by two points over the past week, with 79% saying he is doing a good job, close to his 81% high two weeks ago, when he ranked as the most popular leader since Winston Churchill in 1945. When voters were asked about individual Liberal Democrat policies, however, a different picture emerged. By more than two to one, 60% to 28%, people opposed the party’s policy of giving an amnesty to illegal immigrants who have been in Britain for 10 years or more. By 43% to 37% they opposed the Lib Dem policy of introducing a regional element to immigration, and by 65% to 22% they were opposed to the policy of joining the euro when circumstances permit." - The Sunday Times

Newspaper endorsements

"Britain needs strong Government, not weak. Fewer politicians, not more. One purpose, not a coalition of the weak and the weary in uneasy alliance with the whimsical. For all these reasons Mr Cameron and the Conservatives should be trusted with your vote." - The Mail on Sunday

We endorse the Conservatives - The Sunday Times

We endorse the Conservatives - The Sunday Telegraph

We endorse the Liberal Democrats - The Observer

Gordon Brown makes scathing attack on 'TV gameshow host' Nick Clegg - The Observer

Aide to Liberal Democrat David Laws attempted to infiltrate campaign of Tory opponent, Kevin Davis - Sunday Express

Tory candidate under attack for praying to 'cure' gay people - The Observer

Cameron admits debates were against his interests

"By allowing the televised debates to go ahead, Cameron made the mistake of giving Clegg what his predecessors have long craved: parity of status. Clegg seized the chance, and for a while achieved parity in the opinion polls, too. It is notable that Cameron in his interview with us today seems to accept that he acted against his own interest in allowing the debates to go ahead. "Don't ever let it be said that politicians don't have some principles," he said, sounding rather forlorn." - John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Matthew d'Ancona - one of David Cameron's most enthusiastic cheerleaders - describes the Tory leader's politics

CAMERON-at-Kids-Company "It helps that, contrary to what is often said of him, Cameron is not really a metropolitan figure. A rural Tory at heart, he combines a practical determination to drag his party kicking and screaming into the 21st century with a Burkean belief in "little platoons" and social institutions – especially the family. The quintessential Cameron moment, combining both strands in his personality, came at the 2006 Tory conference when he delivered a passionate defence of the institution of marriage. "You are publicly saying: it's not just about me, me, me any more," he said. "It is about we – together, the two of us, through thick and thin. That really matters." Pause. "And by the way, it means something whether you're a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and another man." If there is such a thing as Cameronism, it was contained in that artful declaration: traditional values in a modern setting." - Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

A Great Repeal Bill will be at the heart of a Tory government's first Queen's Speech

Screen shot 2010-05-02 at 08.54.10 "The centrepiece of the Tories’ Queen’s speech, to be held within the next month if the party forms a government, would be a “great repeal bill”. This would scrap ID cards, home information packs and dozens of rarely enforced criminal offences introduced by Labour over 13 years." - The Sunday Times

If Cameron wins he'll have to take the nation with him on spending cuts

"Should he win on Thursday night, Cameron is pledging an emergency budget within 50 days, where he will lay out immediate spending cuts of £6 billion in order to prevent a rise next year in National Insurance. He need only look to Athens for a warning of what might lie in store. The challenge now is to find ways of sweetening the pill. The Cameron method, the party says, will be to emphasise that he is protecting the poor (the pay freeze on public sector staff, for example, will not apply to the lowest paid). Conservative activists such as Tim Montgomerie, the editor of the Conservative Home, preach about the importance of getting "buy-in" from people. "The crucial ingredient is to encourage the public sector to work with the government in making the cuts. You could pay bonuses to staff who identify savings for example," he says." - Scotland on Sunday

Will Hutton on the prospect of a Conservative government

"There will be some worthwhile improvements – the scrapping of ID cards and aspects of the Big Society programme which has been too quickly dismissed by liberal critics – but in the round Britain will become a meaner, less generous and more unequal society despite David Cameron's declared intentions. This will be Murdoch's Britain, with the BBC to be cut back and Sky's influence extended. Government will be in thrall to the right of centre press. The sale of our companies to the highest foreign bidder will accelerate." - Will Hutton in The Observer

A Hung Parliament of Cleggified Balls!

"With the three-way split in the electorate, bringing increased support for the Lib Dems, isn't the will of the people a sort of "Cleggified Cameron"? Referring to the possibility of a Labour Party led by Ed Balls, [David Cameron] says: "Well, they will end up with a Cleggified Balls, or a Ballsified Clegg. That is the problem we are looking at." - David Cameron interviewed in the Independent on Sunday

A coalition with a wider range of support could be much more stable than a weak single party government - Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

Gillian Duffy reveals what REALLY upset her about that devastating exchange with PM - Mail on Sunday

Yesterday evening's LeftWatch: I was shot down by a man I thought was there to support me

Even Brown’s praetorian guard know the game is up - James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

And finallly... Cameron the man as revealed in a News of the World interview

"RELAXES by watching episodes of his favourite sitcom Friends and cop series Ashes To Ashes. FEARS going grey under the pressure of running the country - but has sworn never to use hair dye. LOVES watching Star Wars movies with his kids, dressing them up in character costumes and even speaking in "intergalactic" languages. THINKS the poor woman branded a bigot by Gordon Brown was speaking for millions of ordinary Brits and joked she deserves a peerage."

More here.


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