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Monday 3rd May 2010

11pm Harry Phibbs on CentreRight: Labour getting desperate in Hammersmith

11pm Election gallery: David and Samantha Cameron on the front page of The Times

10.30pm ToryDiary: The Financial Times endorses the Conservatives

9.45pm WATCH: 600,000 illegal immigrants would benefit from Nick Clegg's amnesty (and, Vince Cable, that figure came from the lips of Nick Clegg)

9.30pm ToryDiary update: ComRes poll for ITV News/Independent has Tory lead at 8%

Picture 199.30pm WATCH: David Cameron uses an interview with Adam Boulton to repeat his accusation that Gordon Brown is treating the electorate like fools

8.30pm WATCH: Ross Kemp fronts Labour's final scaremongering election broadcast

8pm ToryDiary update: YouGov has Tory lead at 7% with Labour and Lib Dems both on 28%

7.45pm WATCH: Anti-nuclear protestor invades stage during Gordon Brown's speech to Citizens UK

7pm ToryDiary: George Osborne nails Labour's latest lie on child tax credits as he previews David Cameron's "unprecedented political marathon"

Picture 16.15pm LeftWatch: See Nick Clegg's flip-flopping on a hung parliament exposed when you spin the Lib Dem Wheel of Misfortune

5.30pm WATCH: Labour grotesquely mocks the Conservative vision of the "Big Society" in new attack ad

5.15pm WATCH: New viral Tory Attack ad depicts Gordon Brown in the dock in a courtroom, as a lengthy charge sheet is read out

5pm ToryDiary: Opinium/Express poll has 5% Tory lead over Labour with Lib Dems back in third place

4.45pm Seats and Candidates: Snapshots of the fourth week of the campaign from ConservativeHome's panel of candidates - Part two

3.15pm ToryDiary: Ipsos-Mori poll - "Late surge" in marginals now points to a narrow Conservative majority

Picture 242.45pm WATCH: The final Conservative election broadcast of the campaign focuses on the contract David Cameron is offering voters

2pm WATCH: The BBC reminds us that there are also elections for 164 local councils in England on Thursday

1.45pm ToryDiary: Do bank holiday polls underestimate Conservative support?

Nick Wood's High Noon: Cameron is right to focus on Day One in Downing Street

11.15am WATCH: British Muslims explain why they are voting Conservative

ToryDiary: Tories "rule out" Lib Dem alliance

The Shakespeare Report: It's the geeks who actually fix things

SALMOND ALEX LeftWatch: Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond under fire for taking £65,000 "redundancy pay-off" from Westminster

Rob Leitch on Platform: We must not become cynical, sceptical or tired of the compassionate conservatism blueprint

Seats and Candidates: Snapshots of the fourth week of the campaign from ConservativeHome's panel of candidates - Part one

Seats and candidates: Blackburn Tories withdraw George Galloway-style leaflet

    Local Government:

    Can you help us raise money for Tory candidates in LibCon marginals?

    YellowToBlue As of 9am on Monday we are £2,505 of the way towards our target of raising £1,000 for each of three knife-edge contests. Please give what you can via this link - even if it's just a couple of pounds. It all helps!

    David Cameron says a Conservative government would have six months to lay out spending cuts...

    CameronOnMarr2008 "David Cameron believes a Conservative government would have no more than six months to lay down the drastic measures needed to tackle Britain's £163bn fiscal deficit amid fears that any goodwill from the electorate would start to fade by the end of the year, senior Tory sources have told the Guardian. In a sign of the depth of preparation by the party leadership, senior Conservatives said Cameron believes that he must spell out the depth of crisis in Britain's public finances by November and the scale of the spending cuts that will have to be introduced next year." - The Guardian he sets out what his first days in office would entail

    "In his first big gamble of the campaign, the Tory leader risked charges of taking the result for granted as he sketched out the style and early decisions of his would-be administration — and warned they would be jeopardised by an uncertain result on Thursday. He said that he wanted to roll up his sleeves on Friday to lead a government of “quiet effectiveness” that would turn its back on headline-chasing. He gave the first details of a Tory Queen’s Speech, said he would refuse to let ministers cut frontline services and, despite tough decisions on spending, would look after the elderly and vulnerable." - The Times

    > Yesterday's ToryDiary: There'll be no cuts to frontline services under a Tory government, says Cameron

    Cameron says Tories have 'the momentum'

    "David Cameron has claimed he "has the momentum now" as the parties begin the final few days of campaigning ahead of Thursday's general election." - BBC

    > Nick Wood's High Noon yesterday: David Cameron has the Mo

    Voters are ready for change

    "David Cameron has failed so far to persuade voters to give him a majority, according to the latest Guardian/ICM poll. The race remains a tight, three-way contest, with all three main parties just five points apart... But voters are nonetheless ready for a change of direction, with 70% agreeing with the sentiment "time for a change", against just 25% who say continuity is most important and want to stick with Labour." - The Guardian

    YouGov's Daily tracker is recorded in The Sun

    > Last night's ToryDiary on today's polls

    Bruce Anderson: David Cameron is tough, and has stamina and valuable experience - The Independent

    George Osborne: I'll never stab David in the back to get his job

    George Osborne 2010 Chancellors debate "George Osborne has ruled out ever wanting David Cameron's job - in a pledge to bring Britain united government. The Shadow Chancellor gave a "guarantee" to The Sun that he will never try to topple his close friend from the Tory leadership. The promise is Mr Osborne's bid to show voters how different a Conservative Government could be after bitter infighting during Labour's rule." - The Sun

    Tories insist that the next government's writ will run across the whole of the UK

    "The Conservatives have insisted that they would still have a mandate to rule in Scotland even if they return only a handful of Scottish MPs to the House of Commons. With only three full days of campaigning left, the latest polls suggest that the "Cameron effect" is failing to have any impact on Scottish voters, unlike in England and Wales... Scottish Conservative election campaign director David McLetchie yesterday launched a vigorous defence of his party's right to rule. He claimed Scots would accept the judgment of the UK electorate as a whole, because the majority of its voters wanted to remain within the Union." - The Scotsman

    SNP rule out coalition with Tories

    "SNP leader Alex Salmond yesterday ruled out entering into a coalition with the Tories, Labour or Lib Dems in a hung parliament. Despite previously saying he wanted to make Westminster "dance to a Scottish jig" he said the three main UK parties have "fundamentally different" objectives. But the First Minister said he will use any seats the Nats win - they are targeting 20 - to exert influence." - Scottish Sun

    Defiant Brown admits he is fighting for survival

    Gordon Brown morose 2010 "Gordon Brown admitted yesterday that he is now fighting for political survival, as he made a frenzied tour of 10 Labour constituencies in London to shore up the party's core vote, motivate activists and convey a sense of activity to the electorate." - The Independent

    Gordon under fire again on immigration... this time from statistics watchdog

    "In a highly embarrassing development the independent statistics watchdog, Sir Michael Scholar, has ordered an inquiry into the use of figures supposedly showing that Labour’s new points-based system has reduced the level of immigration. Mr Brown has also been forced to admit that Labour has not banned low-skilled chefs and care assistants entering the country from abroad, as he has repeatedly claimed during the campaign." - Daily Mail

    Labour heartland seats looking increasingly vulnerable

    "The idea that the Tories are now even considering Sunderland Central — 224 on the target list and requiring a swing of 12 per cent — is testament to the way the electoral landscape has changed in this race, largely through factors beyond their control." -  The Times

    "Gordon Brown descended on Streatham on Sunday amid fears that the south London constituency that was once considered a safe Labour seat could fall to Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats. That Labour has had to deploy its leader in a former stronghold is evidence of how deeply it is retrenching as it fights to forestall a historically bad result on Thursday night. " - FT

    "Nick Clegg mounted his most sustained assault on the Labour heartlands yesterday with a journey from Burnley to Redcar in which he pitched the Liberal Democrats as the party of the northern working class." - The Times

    Jackie Ashley: Office has rotted Labour, but it doesn't deserve to die - The Guardian

    Scottish Labour candidate due to appear in court next week for careless driving - The Herald

    David Miliband emerging as front-runner to replace Gordon Brown

    David Miliband 2010 "Mr Miliband’s supporters are said to be ready to start a leadership campaign as early as Friday morning if Mr Brown is forced out by the result of Thursday’s election. Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary and a close ally of Mr Brown, is expected to be Mr Miliband’s main rival if the Labour leadership becomes vacant. " - Daily Telegraph

    "[Gordon Brown] could be gone as early as Friday if Labour is humiliated at the polls the day before. The Prime Minister's own election supremo Lord Mandelson is leading a plot to ensure he is then replaced with Foreign Secretary David Miliband. Lord Mandelson is keen to avoid a damaging "civil war" over the leadership and believes fellow Blairite Mr Miliband would stand the best chance of restoring Labour's fortunes." - The Sun

    > Yesterday's LeftWatch: David Miliband is favourite to be next Labour leader

    Labour's defeat could lead to rash of memoirs by former ministers - Daily Telegraph

    'Hypocrite' Harman and her family's inheritance tax dodge on £750,000 estate - Daily Mail

    Postal fiasco could deny thousands their vote in election...

    Ballot box_01 "Tens of thousands could be robbed of their chance to take part in the closest General Election in a generation because of a postal votes fiasco. Many who registered for a postal ballot - including the elderly and infirm - have still not received their vote three days before the nation goes to the polls. Those living overseas or serving in the Armed Forces in Afghanistan could also miss out on the chance to vote on Thursday because of the disruption to flights caused by last month's volcanic ash cloud." - Daily Mail postal voting surge brings warnings of electoral fraud - The Guardian

    The youngest candidates fighting this election - The Independent


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