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Monday 26th April 2010

10.30pm The Shakespeare Report: Are Liberal Democrats the ‘Condorcet Party’?

10.15pm Tea with Pickles: What is real about the Lib Dems?

9.15pm ToryDiary: Tonight's polls gives the Conservatives leads of 1%, 3%, 4% and 6%

5.30pm WATCH: Tory broadcast introduces the 'Hung Parliament Party'

Screen shot 2010-04-26 at ToryDiary: Tories are running against the Hung Parliament Party

3pm Seats and candidates: Snapshots of the third week of the campaign from ConservativeHome's panel of candidates - Part two

12.30pm WATCH: David Cameron urges people who care about the environment and civil liberties to vote Conservative

Nick Wood's High Noon: Cameron gave a master class in how to run a press conference

Glen Poster 211.45am Election gallery updated with scenes from today's press conference, the Dalek that wants you to vote Conservative and a couple of funny posters

11.15am Matt Sinclair on CentreRight looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the FT's list of spending cuts

11.15am Local government: CCHQ fury at BBC Today programme's reporting of Tory schools policy

10am ToryDiary: Cameron puts proportional representation on the table but insists he wants to keep first past the post

ToryDiary: Cameron pitches for Liberal Democrat voters while diverting resources to once safe Labour seats

On Platform, Howard Flight recommends that David Cameron focus on the economy in the final two weeks of the campaign

Wallace Mark Mark Wallace on Local government: We need parent power


Seats and candidates: Snapshots of the third week of the campaign from ConservativeHome's panel of candidates

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: The FT publishes the spending cuts that the political parties will not

Also on CentreRight, Martin Ackroyd makes the important point that Nick Clegg is not in charge of his party:

"Nick Clegg may be a nice chap, but he doesn’t have the power to agree anything.  The Lib Dem constitution is set up so that, before any coalition could be formed, there has to be the agreement of the majority of Lib Dem MPs and the thirty or so members of the party’s Federal Executive (and if not with 75% approval of those two constituencies, via a special conference and then a ballot of all members, if the special conference didn’t give two-thirds backing)..."

LeftWatch: First the Liberal Democrats had a fake nurse in their election literature, now a fake policeman

Conservatives target twenty more Labour seats as they plot new path to a majority

"Mr Cameron has ordered an aggressive “decapitation” campaign to try to snatch up to 20 seats that the Tories had previously thought unwinnable, including two held by Cabinet ministers. If successful, the party leadership believes the strategy could help the Conservatives achieve an overall majority of MPs. Today, with 10 days to go until polling day, Mr Cameron will take his election campaign to Southampton, where the Tories hope to unseat John Denham, the Communities Minister, who holds a majority of about 9,000. Ed Balls, the Children’s Secretary, is also a target." - Telegraph

"The Tories are trying to exploit what they see as waning Labour support, with the party placed third in several polls, and are backing up their pitch with 2,200 new posters with around the country from Monday." - BBC

The issues of education, poverty and Europe should attract left-wingers to the Conservatives - Bruce Anderson in The Independent

Peter Hain says Liberal Democrat activists won't support LibCon pact

HAIN Peter "The Liberal Democrats are a centre-left party, and on issues like securing the recovery, political reform, fairness and helping the poor, their members have far more in common with us than Cameron and his agenda of DIY public services and big cuts in public services. I don't think [Clegg's] party will want to see him do a deal with Cameron." - Peter Hain quoted in The Guardian

"The more I look at the prospect of a Con-Lib coalition, the more I think it is not sustainable for long. The pressures of hostile Liberal grassroots and the visceral differences between the parties would bust it up. There's no way Cameron would really concede change to the voting system – rather, he would pull the plug at a time of his choosing, blame Clegg and Cable for "chaos", and call a second election. A bored and irritated electorate would then probably punish the Lib Dems." - Jackie Ashley in The Guardian

Only by coming second could the LibDems strike a hard bargain in hung parliament talks - John Curtice in The Independent

In The Telegraph, Boris Johnson blames Mandelson for believing that Brown could talk up Nick Clegg without damaging Labour.

65% of British Chambers of Commerce members were concerned about a hung parliament - Guardian

Chris Grayling attacks Liberal Democrats' immigration policy

GRAYLING CHRIS NW "The Lib Dem approach would send a message to the world that you can come to Britain illegally and get away with it. And their policy to send immigrants to specific regions is simply unworkable and unwanted. Just who on earth do they think is going to police the movement of immigrants between one region and another?" - The Shadow Home Secretary quoted within a Daily Mail story that suggests that 2.2 million illegal immingrants could have the right to stay in Britain under Nick Clegg's leadership.

We mustn’t underestimate the importance of immigration, even down here in the West Country - William Rees-Mogg in The Times

Andrew Pierce highlights the 'nutters' that Nick Clegg sits with in the European Parliament - Daily Mail

Harry Phibbs got there first with this post on CentreRight: Nick Clegg's Euro allies are the real nutters

Lord Tebbit urges bigger campaigning role for Tory big beasts - Daily Mail

Tories 'could put climate change agreement at risk' - Independent

Cameron blocks peerage for Anthony Steen - Western Morning News

Alan Johnson is positioning himself to lead Labour's possible coalition talks with Nick Clegg

Johnson Alan 2 "In a sign of worsening tensions within Labour’s campaign, the Home Secretary drew attention to his support for AV plus, a system of voting reform closer to the change being demanded by the Lib Dems than that offered in Labour’s manifesto. “Because I am a supporter of proportional representation and have been for a long time, I obviously don’t have this horrified approach to how a more balanced parliament would work,” he said." - The Times

Brown has attacked the Tories over reports they may introduce "top-up fees" for nurseries - BBC

Ed Balls has been given a £60 fine for driving while using a mobile phone - BBC

Screen shot 2010-04-26 at 07.43.02 "Children's Secretary Ed Balls has been fined after police caught him talking on his mobile while driving. His wife, fellow Cabinet minister Yvette Cooper, and their three kids were all in the car at the time. Safety campaigners last night blasted Mr Balls - Gordon Brown's closest ally - for risking the lives of his family as well as other drivers." - The Sun

Alex Salmond is urgently raising £50,000 to fight SNP's exclusion from election debates - Guardian

George W Bush's memoirs will be called 'Decision Points'

"According to Crown Publishers, "Decision Points" will offer "gripping, never-before-heard detail" on such historic events as the September 11, attacks and the 2000 presidential election along with Bush's decision to quit drinking, his relationship with his family and other personal details." - Telegraph

And finally...

The main party leaders' faces appear on special pizzas - The Sun

Steve Hilton and Peter Mandelson photographed in dress down mode - Daily Mail


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