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Wednesday 10th March 2010

10pm ToryDiary: Tory lead increases by a point in the YouGov daily tracker

4.30pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Three new blogs worth bookmarking

Screen shot 2010-03-10 at 15.18.493.30pm BOOK NOW for ConservativeIntelligence's 'The New Parliament' conference

3pm Seats and candidates: Simon Marcus, Tory PPC for Barking, talks about fighting the BNP

12.30pm LeftWatch: Labour lurches leftwards as key union leaders, including convicted football hooligan, become candidates

12.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron presses Brown on under-funding of military

11.15am Paul Goodman on CentreRight: It's time to change how the Commons honours our war dead

10.15am Latest Seats and Candidates news:

Screen shot 2010-03-10 at 09.15.13ToryDiary: Should the Tories be the party of reassurance or rescue?

Alan Duncan MP on Platform: How a Conservative Government would not only reform prisons but also address the underlying causes of our broken society which lead people to offend in the first place

Local government: Warning that Laming proposal could put more children at risk

Michelle Donelan on Seats and candidates: Labour's Housing Minister may think repossession can be the best option but in standing against him I want to highlight Conservative plans to encourage home ownership

Neilobrien_140x140 Neil O'Brien on CentreRight proposes 'The Renewal of Government':

  • We need to phase out national pay bargaining...
  • We should end automatic annual promotion up national salary scales...
  • We must make it possible to remove under-performing workers...
  • We should stop loading secondary objectives onto public services...
  • We need to improve industrial relations in the public services...
  • We need to reform public sector pensions...
  • We should review the growth of management positions...

Tories are 4% and 8% ahead in two new polls - Yesterday evening's ToryDiary

""We have had a bit of a battering in the past few weeks but we hope the polls have now bottomed out," one Tory source said last night. The Tories point out that the three polls of marginals suggest they would have more MPs than Labour, allowing David Cameron to head a minority government, and do not measure their battle with the Liberal Democrats in their other target seats. Feedback from the front line is said to give Tory officials cautious optimism for winning an overall majority." - Independent

William Hague confirms that a Conservative government wants to avoid confrontation with the EU

EU470 "William Hague said on Tuesday that the Conservatives had made “a strategic decision” not to pick a fight with Europe if they won the election, insisting that a Tory government would be “highly active and activist in European affairs from day one”. The UK shadow foreign secretary said the priority was to sort out Britain’s fiscal crisis, which he claimed had diminished the country’s standing in the world, adding: “We have enough on our hands without an instant confrontation with the EU.”" - FT

"Chris Bryant, Europe minister, claimed Mr Cameron had “failed to change the DNA” of his party and that his MPs were “still the same old Europhobic, dogma-driven obsessives that they have always been”... “Cameron is not in charge of his own destiny in relation to Europe but in hock to his backbenchers,” Mr Bryant said in a speech to Progress, the centre-left pressure group. “Even if they had a majority of 60 – which looks very unlikely – there are at least 30 Tories who would scupper any vaguely sensible policy on Europe.” - FT

"Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has raised the prospect of new EU treaty only months after the Lisbon Treaty took force. Mrs Merkel said that a new EU accord would be required to create a new European Monetary Fund able to bail out crisis-hit members of the euro like Greece." - Telegraph | Guardian leader

Conservatives promise new National Security Council will end blight of 'sofa government' - Telegraph

Hague: Ashcroft has never tried to influence Tory policy

"“The really important point is that he, and others like him, the donors to the party, have never in all my experience tried to influence a policy,” Mr Hague said. “I’ve never in the more than 10 years that I’ve know him found him trying to change a policy.” He refused to be drawn further on the matter, saying: “I’m not going into all of that again.”" - William Hague quoted in the FT

In an interview for The Express Mr Hague warns that Britain will be "ruined" if Brown stays in power.

The contract between the generations is broken - David Willetts in The Telegraph

Patrick Cormack MP raises questions about Tory-UUP alliance - Guardian

David Cameron's environmentalism will succeed where Labour's failed - Ben Caldecott and Gavin Dick in The Telegraph

Sir Trevor McDonald to make hour-long, behind-the-scenes programme about David Cameron

"Sir Trevor McDonald is preparing to gain unprecedented access to the life of David Cameron as he works to uncover the public and private man who hopes to lead the next Government... Sir Trevor will follow the Conservative leader over the coming days and observe the politician in his day-to-day activities in the run-up to the General Election." - STV

Home Secretary attacks Chris Grayling's new crime statistics

Johnson Alan PS "The home secretary, Alan Johnson, today tried to escalate the political row over "broken Britain" by urging the UK Statistics Authority to censure the Tories for new claims that violent crime has risen since Labour came to power. Johnson dismissed unpublished Conservative-commissioned calculations by the House of Commons library showing violent crime has risen by 44% since 1997 as a "concocted deception"." - Guardian

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Chris Grayling vindicated as independent evaluation concludes violent crime has risen by 44% under Labour

"Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, claimed the Tory leader was more interested in civil liberties than catching and punishing offenders. He criticised Conservative positions on the DNA database and CCTV cameras and joked that prisoners would be more likely to back the Conservatives if they had the vote." - Telegraph

Jonathan Freedland: The Tories haven't really changed

"For all the new packaging, the Conservatives are the "same old Tories" after all – from the expected 50 Tory MPs in the next parliament to be drawn from the City or the financial services industry all the way to the "no entry" signs on country estates their families have owned for more than 500 years." - Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian

Tories think that the job of changing their party’s image is complete. It isn’t — and complacency could be fatal - Daniel Finkelstein in The Times

Brown set to warn economic 'storm' is not yet over - BBC

Screen shot 2010-03-10 at 07.11.10 Reacting to a new warning from a rating agency that progress on the deficit needed to be more rapid, George Osborne said: “Here is the clearest possible warning from a credit rating agency that the government’s plan is not enough to protect Britain’s credit rating. The red light is flashing over the British economy.” Quoted in City AM.

Dyson's Tory innovation plans are 'too narrow' says CBI - Telegraph

Public sector pay has risen 15% more than private since Labour came to power - Daily Mail

And yet... Public sector staff are striking fifteen times more than those in the private sector

And finally... Craig Brown in The Daily Mail ridicules George Osborne's evasive answers to questions.


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