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Thursday 7th January 2010

10.45pm ToryDiary: Tories 12% ahead in YouGov poll taken after plot to oust Brown Updated at midnight with further poll details

10.15pm Today's General Election Brief: Miliband is almost a big a loser from the plot as Brown

8pm Parliament: Philip Hammond attacks Labour for pursuing "the most systematically reckless, cynical and dishonest strategy for dealing with a fiscal crisis"

6.45pm Seats and candidates: Fire on train delays Salisbury selection!

Picture 55.30pm WATCH: Boris Johnson says that a Cameron Government would follow his example in protecting investment by cutting back on waste

4.30pm Daniel Kawczynski MP on CentreRight: Veterans suffering combat stress should qualify for severe weather payments

4.15pm WATCH: Jill Kirby and Fraser Nelson appear in a BBC Daily Politics film examining Tory policy on the recognition of marriage

4pm ToryDiary: Conservatives welcome Saga's Manifesto for the Over-50s as "an important contribution to debate"

3.15pm Paul Goodman MP on CentreRight has been leaked the minutes of a recent Islam4UK committee meeting 

3pX2_7d3095m ToryDiary: Captions please...

Noon LeftWatch: Gordon Brown misled the Commons yesterday after lifting unreliable material from a Left-wing blog

11.15am WATCH: John Prescott says that Patricia Hewitt, Geoff Hoon and Charles Clarke should be the ones facing secret ballots

ToryDiary: "I messed up... I misdescribed our family policy," says Cameron during Today programme interview

Headlines470 On LeftWatch we present the frontpages of the morning newspapers in all their glory

Peter Hitchens on Platform: Today's Conservatives are doing nothing to overturn Marxist victories on the nation state, the law, education and the family

Tim youtube hollingberySeats and candidates: More and more Tory candidates are making campaign videos

Local government: Council leader propose "Magna Carta for Localism" and £21 billion could be saved handing over Quango functions to Town Halls

Ben Rogers on CentreRight recommends This month's StandPoint magazine


Tories 9% ahead in YouGov poll

Screen shot 2010-01-07 at 07.31.13 "Dumping Gordon Brown as Labour leader would boost the party's support by just five per cent, a major poll for The Sun reveals. Almost three fifths of voters - 58 per cent - say a new Labour leader would not affect their choice of which party they would back in the General Election." - The Sun

> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary

"Indeed, Mr Brown is at least as unpopular now as Mr Major was at this stage before the 1997 election – shortly before he led the Tories to catastrophic defeat. Mr Brown's current satisfaction rating of 28%in the latest MORI poll is slightly less than the 30% John Major scored in December 1996. Similarly his latest YouGov rating of just 23% is a little short of Mr Major's equivalent reading of 25%." - John Curtice in The Independent

Brown's position as PM is secure insists Mandelson

"Gordon Brown is secure as prime minister as Labour has reached a "settled view" he will lead them into the election, Lord Mandelson has said. He was speaking after a day of drama in which two ex-Cabinet ministers called for a secret ballot of Labour MPs to decide on Mr Brown's leadership. No ministers and only a handful of Labour MPs publicly supported the move." - BBC

Night of long silence as Cabinet damns Gordon Brown with faint praise - Times

"The Government's responsibility in its dying weeks is to dedicate every ounce of energy to fighting the recession. If it cannot be bothered to do that, then it has no right to be in office." - The Sun Says

"Conservative MPs were laughing in the lobbies of Westminster today, as they joked that Labour was staging a replay of the dying years of John Major's premiership." - Guardian

The only certainty about this plot: it will damage Labour - Steve Richards in The Independent

The Guardian produces a timeline of yesterday's SnowStorm Plot.

Anatole Kaletsky: Voters will see through Labour on the deficit

"What most voters focus on is not economic theory or even competence, but broader issues of trust, judgment, character and ideology. If they are told by Labour that the Government can go on borrowing forever, while they hear from the Tories that money borrowed in a crisis eventually has to be repaid, they will not feel the need to consult economic textbooks to decide who is telling the truth." - Times

The Treasury Select Committee pressures Alistair Darling over spending cuts

DARLING ALISTAIR 2 "The Treasury Committee gave warning that Labour may not be able to sell all the Government bonds it is planning to issue to fund Britain's record deficit. Placing fresh pressure on Chancellor Alistair Darling to provide more details on how Labour would halve the £178bn deficit, the committee called for greater clarity "sooner rather than later"." - Telegraph

Allister Heath: Quantitative easing needs to be halted as soon as possible

"The policy should certainly not be extended after February, when it is meant to end. Unless the economy suddenly starts to tank again, the Bank should limit itself to using interest rates as the main tool of policy. These should be hiked by a symbolic 0.25 per cent to signal the start of the recovery and with it the gradual normalisation of economic policy (to do so at today’s Bank meeting would be too soon but this should happen by March)." - Allister Heath in City AM

Britain DID make pact with Basra militants before pulling out

"Britain negotiated a ceasefire with insurgent militants in Basra before pulling troops out of the city, the Iraq inquiry was told yesterday. A senior Ministry of Defence civil servant said that officials held talks with leaders of the al-Mahdi Army militia about a truce from spring 2007... There were persistent reports at the time that the British military had struck a deal with the al-Mahdi Army including transferring 60 prisoners to Iraqi custody in return for safe passage out of the palace. The Ministry of Defence at the time denied that there was any deal." - Times

Iraq Inquiry chair Sir John Chilcot is being paid £13,000 more than the Prime Minister - Daily Mail


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