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Saturday 15th November 2008

9.15pm ToryDiary: Better news for the Conservatives in the ComRes/Independent on Sunday poll

8.45pm ToryDiary: Conservative lead cut to 5% in YouGov/Sunday Times poll

5.30pm Updates to the earlier ToryDiary entry: Alan Duncan and Philip Hammond speak out in support of Osborne

3pm Seats and candidates: Guy Opperman adopted for Hexham

1.45pm ToryDiary: Tories row in behind George Osborne in borrowing warning

ToryDiary: Was George Osborne right to raise the prospect of a collapse of sterling?

Babz Normile on Platform: Conservatives should be backing airport expansion, not opposing it

Stephen Castle on Local Government: Councils should run post offices

Osbornegreentie_3 George Osborne savages Gordon Brown over the risk of a run on the pound

"Britain is heading for a “collapse of sterling” if Gordon Brown persists with trying to borrow his way out of trouble, George Osborne says in an interview with The Times today. Risking accusations that he is talking down the pound, the Shadow Chancellor mounts a ferocious attack on the Prime Minister, accusing him of following a deliberate “scorched-earth policy” that would leave the economy in a mess for the Tories to inherit. Mr Osborne, ignoring the convention that senior politicians do not predict runs on the pound, says that the country knows instinctively that no government can borrow its way out of debt. He claims that the weight of debt will stifle recovery and also create a big risk for sterling." - Times

"The remarks expose a clear dividing line developing between Brown, who is calling for unfunded extra borrowing to boost the economy, and Osborne, who believes borrowing has reached dangerous levels. But the shadow chancellor risks accusations of provoking a run on the pound himself, or of making a false prediction if sterling recovers in the markets in the months to come." - Guardian

"There is a dearth of the splenetic anger felt by the rest of us... on the front bench of the Conservative Party. It is, frankly, quite astonishing that a government whose excessive spending and botched handling of the public finances are making the recession worse here in the United Kingdom than anywhere else, should be advancing in the opinion polls. How can this be? A major factor, it pains us to say, is the timid nature of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition on the economy." - Daily Telegraph leader

Lord Kalms calls for George Osborne to be replaced with David Davis

"You need someone who relates absolutely to working people who is heavyweight. I think George is a first-class man but I'd like to see a bit more grey hair on the front bench. David Davis would be absolutely the right man at this time as shadow Chancellor. I am informing everyone who will listen that change needs to happen." - Lord Kalms quoted in the Daily Telegraph

Cameron_looking_left Ministers told to come clean about Haringey

"David Cameron yesterday demanded that Ed Balls, the Children's Secretary, release all internal memos about warnings from a senior social worker about apparent failings in the authority's social services department. Mr Cameron's demands came as it emerged that the social care watchdog, which was also contacted by the whistleblower, did investigate the allegations but decided that the authority was doing nothing wrong." - Independent

Cameron rethinks plan to give married couples £1,000 tax break after discovering a funding "black hole"

"The revelation that Mr Cameron's most emblematic family-friendly policy is in jeopardy comes as he faces growing pressure from within his party to match Gordon Brown's talk of sweeping tax cuts to boost the economy. It will fuel Tory fears that party bosses have been outclassed by a rejuvenated Labour machine and are struggling to stop a sharp decline in its poll ratings." - Daily Mail

UK in for "prolonged recession"

"A severe downturn is unavoidable and the recession in the UK will be "painful and prolonged", the British Chambers of Commerce has said. A sharp rise in unemployment to almost three million is very probable." - BBC

Davis_looking_down David Davis chooses his Desert Island Discs tomorrow morning

"His music choices include Dire Straits, Puccini and Get The Party Started by Pink, a favourite of one of his daughters. He also selects an obscure protest song, Stealing My Democracy, by Australian folk duo Mundy-Turner, which he said was a source of inspiration when he was making the decision to quit." - BBC

Campaigners urge cut in petrol prices

"Petrol stations were last night under growing pressure to slash prices at the pumps. They were accused of ripping off drivers as forecourt prices failed to fall in line with the tumbling wholesale cost of crude oil." - Daily Express

The Guardian visits the gym at the heart of Boris's plan to curb youth crime

"The All Stars gym, in west Kilburn, north-west London, has been quietly reaching out to boys such as Moses for more than 30 years. But now, thanks to interest from the London mayor, Boris Johnson, it has been propelled to the vanguard of his plans to tackle the rising youth violence in the capital that has claimed 28 teenage lives this year." - Guardian

Tessa "Two Desks" Jowell had her offices redecorated 5 times in 6 years

"Olympics minister Tessa Jowell has been branded “Two Desks” after running a pair of offices which have had a string of renovations." - Mirror

Hillary Clinton tipped to be Obama's Secretary of State - Times

Sarkozy: Plans for a US missile shield in eastern Europe are misguided - PA


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