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Wednesday 1st October 2008

11.45pm ToryDiary: Cameron is ready declares The Sun

9.45pm Ben Rogers on CentreRight: Pauline Neville-Jones and radical Islamism

6pm ToryDiary: Broadcast reaction to DC's big speech

5.30pm WATCH DAVID CAMERON'S SPEECH (full 63 minute video)

Greatestspeech 4.45pm ToryDiary: David Cameron delivers his greatest speech yet

On CentreRight: Julia Manning salutes David Cameron's 'man with a plan' speech and Dan Hamilton salutes the Conference organisation

Liveblog 2pm ToryDiary: Live blog of David Cameron's big speech

1.30pm Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: EU regulation is at heart of financial crisis, so what can the Conservatives do?


ToryDiary: Britain needs change, not experience will be Cameron's message

Kate Davies on Local government: How councils can promote home ownership

Picture_16 Watch:

Mending Britain's broken economy

"He promised to try to freeze council tax for two years, sacking a few Whitehall consultants and reducing the state's propaganda campaigns in order to fund it. In the scale of what is wrong with the nation's economy and its financial management, this is the equivalent of doing some minor painting and decorating after an earthquake. It won't stop the house sliding off its entirely undermined foundations. In the scale of what is going on in the wider world, even to describe it as microscopic hardly does it justice. Mr Osborne and his colleagues came to Birmingham with only one purpose: to present themselves to the British public as a government-in-waiting. For that reason, it is probably as well that the British public can hardly be bothered to take any notice." - Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

Mending Britain's broken society

"Young couples would have marriage guidance before their wedding under Conservative plans to cut the number of family break-ups." - Independent

"Children would face fewer but tougher tests under moves by an incoming Tory government to "inject common sense" into the examination system, the shadow Schools Secretary Michael Gove announced yesterday." - Independent

Jfk ""I do not favour state compulsion when voluntary individual effort can do the job and do it well." - Greg Clark MP quotes JFK in an interview with The Guardian about the voluntary sector's role in delivering public services.

Dominic Grieve targets sharia courts

"The Conservatives accused the government yesterday of being "silent" on sharia courts, which they said must be given no authority over criminal and family law matters in Britain. Dominic Grieve, the shadow home secretary, made the criticism as he warned that the government had neglected the threat of radicalisation. "For all its tough talk on terrorism, the government is dropping the ball on security and radicalisation," Grieve said. "Lax on fanatical preachers. Silent on sharia courts ... Sharia courts can be given no authority over criminal and family law."" - Guardian

David Mundell doesn't expect Scottish breakthrough until the Conservatives have governed again - Scotsman

Schools, welfare reform and policies to support families are priority areas for Conservatives - Telegraph

The Tories and localism

"There is no Tory programme for community strengthening, only more pledges to intervene in local affairs, whether to fix taxes or run rubbish collection, traffic, schools and hospitals. What business is it of Osborne how often my rubbish bin is emptied?" - Simon Jenkins in The Guardian

The Telegraph profiles Shaun Bailey, Tory candidate for Hammersmith

UUP leader has ruled out any formal merger with the Conservatives - Belfast Telegraph

Cherie Booth heckled yesterday as she defends Human Rights Act on the fringe - Guardian

Squeeze on family budgets and savings is 'worst since 1958' - Daily Mail

And finally...

The Daily Mail has photographs of champagne bottles emptied by Conference-goers


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