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Thursday 2nd October 2008

Picture_3 5pm ToryDiary: Another great CCHQ video

4.30pm CentreRight: Mark Field MP welcomes the resignation of Sir Ian Blair

Hunt_jeremy_open_necked_shirt3.45pm CentreRight:

3.15pm ToryDiary: Three vote-moving policies

1.45pm ToryDiary: Green taxes have been kicked into the long grass

1pm Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: Is Europe taking control of a British “bail out”?

10.30am ToryDiary: The spirit of hug-a-hoodie lives on...

Eightbirminghamtakeaways ToryDiary: Government rejects the anti-Government tendency

On CentreRight Graeme Archer reflects on David Cameron's speech.

Local government: We must name and shame the LabLib councils that won't co-operate with George Osborne's council tax freeze and John Fuller lambasts more reorganisation of local government

Seats and candidates: The battle for Hexham begins

Watch: A video reviewing the work undertaken at Welsh House Farm by Tory MPs and volunteers

News_splash_left_604095a The Sun comes close to endorsing David 'Fix-It' Cameron for the next Election - Yesterday evening's ToryDiary

The FT's verdict: "Mr Cameron’s main task on Wednesday was to address the accusation of inexperience. He seems to have learnt from Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, who has faced a similar charge. Like Mr Obama, he countered by asserting that character and judgment were more powerful qualities for leadership. His references to uniting the party and building a strong team drew an implicit contrast with Labour’s civil war. His line about character being “to stick to your guns and not bottle it when times get tough” will resonate with anyone who remembers this time last year when Mr Brown let expectations of a general election build up before deciding not to call one after all."

The Guardian worries about an absence of policy: "The Conservatives may be coming close to power, but this week has provided few clues as to what they might do with it. Mr Cameron talked a lot yesterday about character and values, but government involves more than instinct."

"The most noteworthy aspect of his speech was its reassertion of core Tory values: strong in defence of the Union and the Armed Forces; passionate about social and welfare reform; properly conservative in its denunciation of big government and the lunacies of our risk-averse, health and safety obsessed society; and refreshingly unapologetic in its approval of marriage ("family is the most important thing there is") and individual responsibility." - Telegraph leader

The Daily Mail agrees: "This was a first-rate speech, pitched perfectly for these muted times.  Most important, though, was Mr Cameron's unswerving avowal of the enduring principles of Conservatism.
Mr Brown has an increasingly impressive rival for Number 10."

Simon Heffer describes the speech as "superb" - Telegraph

David Cameron works hard to avoid looking like Neil Kinnock

Kinnock "Figures in both main parties are talking a lot about the 1992 election, when John Major defeated Neil Kinnock. For Labour, it offers hope that in a downturn, the voters will "hold on to nurse for fear of something worse" – Mr Brown's best hope of winning next time. For the Tories, the lesson of 1992 is that Mr Kinnock lost the election because the voters could not envisage him in No 10. Yesterday's speech will raise their hopes that Mr Cameron will not suffer such a handicap." - Andrew Grice in The Independent

Simon Carr, The Independent, concludes that Blair wrote most of Cameron's speech.

David Cameron's traditional delivery style

"David Cameron’s decision to deliver his speech from a lectern and using a written text was of a piece with its more traditional content. The Tory leader chose not to use an Autocue so as to retain, as far as possible, an authentic connection with his audience." - Times

Peter Ainsworth warns against neglecting the environment during recession

Ainsworth_peter_new "When it comes to the global environment, if that goes bust, there will be no boom ever again. As we rebuild the global economy, we must make sure we do so as if the Earth matters, as if our natural capital matters as much as the capital we put in the bank. We must make both more secure." - Mr Ainsworth quoted in The Independent

Francis Maude: The Conservatives are not "arrogant" to be planning for government

"Some people have said 'isn't it arrogant to be planning for government when you haven't won the election? Isn't it presumptuous?' The answer is no, no and no. Real arrogance would be presuming we don't need to plan. Real presumption would mean thinking you could just swan into Whitehall and automatically know how to make a difference." - ePolitix

Daniel Finkelstein notes the huge number of state-funded groups that attended the Birmingham Conference - Times

Ruling out third runway 'beggars belief', says BA - FT

"Could the Tories' plan to introduce pre-marital counselling reduce Britain's divorce rates?" - Independent

Fashion news

Gd9044660commonsleaderforth7238 The above image of Theresa May arriving on stage is one of the images in The Guardian's photographic essay of Tory Conference.

"Positively foxy" - The Times' verdict on Samantha Cameron's fashion sense

Gordon Brown will make limited reshuffle in next few days - BBC

And finally...

Cherie compares Tony to British WWII leader Winston Churchill - Sky News


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