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Friday 20th June 2008

11pm: Ben Rogers, CentreRight's Zimbabwe Day: Put Mugabe on trial

9.30pm: Harry Phibbs, CentreRight's Zimbabwe Day: We allow South Africa to allow Mugabe to stay in power

8.30pm: Louise Bagshawe, CentreRight's Zimbabwe Day: Catholic Charities rebuke the UN in Zimbabwe

7.30pm Matt Wardman, CentreRight's Zimbabwe Day: How to follow the Zimbabwe elections on the internet

5.45pm Lee Rotherham on CentreRight: Stay the course

5.30pm Seats and Candidates: Voters think Labour should field a candidate against Davis

3.30pm Alan Mendoza, CentreRight's Zimbabwe Day: What next if Mugabe cheats again?

3.15pm Cameron Watt, CentreRight's Zimbabwe Day: Shame on British banks

3pm Events for your diary over the next week...

1.30pm ToryDiary: UK ratification of Lisbon halted by Courts

1.30pm Dan Lewis, CentreRight's Zimbabwe Day: Even Mugabe's Zimbabwe can't survive long without electricity...

12.30pm Robert Halfon, CentreRight's Zimbabwe Day: The trivialisation of evil

Elphickequote11am Charlie Elphicke, CentreRight's Zimbabwe Day: Imagine how you would feel if it happened here

10.30am Local Government: William Hague welcomes latest LibDem defection

10am Jim McConalogue, CentreRight's Zimbabwe Day: In defence of a British backed coup

ToryDiary: Why should others write Conservative history?

Local government: Excellent local by-election results

Adayforzimbabwe Tim Montgomerie introduces's 'Day for Zimbabwe'

Neil Wilson on Platform: Ahmadinejad's sabre-rattling aims to realise an Islamist dream

Seats and candidates: Five reasons to spend this Sunday in Henley

Picture_2 PlayPolitical: 'The country I love' - Barack Obama's first general election ad

Europe's message to Ireland: Vote again

"Behind the expressions of solidarity and “respect” for the Irish vote, however, there was barely disguised pressure on Mr Cowen to plan a second referendum." - Times

David Davis does not expect to return to shadow cabinet - BBC

Shami Chakrabarti threatens to sue Andy Burnham over ‘slur’ - Times | Yesterday's ToryDiary

"The truth is that it is New Labour who are offended by Ms Chakrabarti: deep down, they simply can't accept the idea that the head of Liberty might actually be independent, that she doesn't know her place – which was meant to be in New Labour's big tent, and certainly not making common cause with the Conservatives. So they smear her." - Dominic Lawson in The Independent

George Osborne opens, then closes, door to renegotiation of public sector pay deals - Telegraph

Villiers_theresa Theresa Villiers wants longer franchises for rail companies

""Ministers seem to be almost solely interested in pushing the train operators to squeeze their passengers for higher and higher fares," she said. "We think greater weight should be given in the franchise process to the quality of long-term investment plans to deliver much-needed new capacity."" - The Conservative transport spokesman quoted in The Guardian

Michael Gove visits grammar school in Trafford as Ed Balls attacks selective education

"Michael Gove, the Tory shadow children's secretary, visited a grammar school in Trafford - a year after the party was engulfed in a damaging row over its decision not to open any more selective schools.  Mr Gove insisted grammars should be "absolutely defended" where they already existed and that other secondaries could learn from top-performing academic schools." - Telegraph

Pickles_2 Labour push ahead with pay-as-you-throw bin plans

"Millions of families face fines of £50 for failing to recycle their rubbish under a new pay-as-you-throw bin charge scheme, a minister has disclosed... However the plans were attacked by the Conservatives. Shadow Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles said: "Forget lock up your daughters, it's lock up your bins. Bin taxes are going to spark neighbourhood bin wars as people try to dodge paying the tax and dump their rubbish in other people's bins.  "Bin taxes have been utterly discredited at every turn but Labour blindly insist with pushing ahead with them."" - Telegraph

Eric Pickles is the subject of a profile in The Economist.  The Bagehot column says Mr Cameron needs more frontbenchers with Mr Pickles' desire to win, teamwork skills and humble background.

'Jack Straw is acting like Caligula in trying to stifle democracy'

Iain Dale on the Justice Secretary's plan to thwart Tory investment in target seats - The Telegraph

Michael White watches Tories and Labour move in opposite directions on the environment - The Guardian

"Fuel tax could be cut for hauliers and VAT put up instead to ease the pressure on hauliers, former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain suggested yesterday." - Western Mail

Clarkekendarkshirt Ken Clarke receives House Magazine's Parliamentary Award - ePolitix

Stop the moaning! - Labour MP Tom Harris' message to families struggling to make ends meet - The Sun

Glasgow City Council declares war on SNP plans for local income tax - The Herald


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