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Friday 23rd May 2008

5pm: Peter Franklin on CentreRight blogs that Labour ministers are wrong to say that noone predicted the rise in the price of oil

5pm: PlayPolitical: Watch David Cameron and Gordon Brown react to C&N

1.15pm ToryDiary: Stephen Gilbert and Crewe's other heroes

Noon Platform: Tim Bale wonders if the Conservatives have a 'Plan B' if Labour MPs do oust The Great Clunking Fist

Evans_nigel 11.30am Nigel Evans MP on CentreRight: "As someone who was on the receiving end of a bloody nose in 1991 at the Ribble Valley by-election, I have a scintilla of sympathy for Ms. Dunwoody. It's not nice waking up the next morning after having lost a safe seat. You are exhausted but Party officials expect you to smile at the cameras and try to pick up some crumbs from the defeat. There are no crumbs in Crewe and Nantwich..."

11am ToryDiary: New Labour died on the streets of Crewe and Nantwich says David Cameron

10am: ConservativeHome's Tim Montgomerie on The Guardian's website: "The Conservatives won in Crewe because they attracted lower income voters abandoned by Labour: now they must push for a historic realignment."

9.15am CentreRight: Charlie Elphicke pays tribute to a clear message and good literature

ToryDiary: Crewe and Nantwich in figures

338maj PlayPolitical video: Watch ITN report on Tory victory and Sky project a Conservative majority of 338

PlayPolitical video: The worst American political ads... ever

The full Crewe and Nantwich result for all candidates - Guardian

Commentators' reaction

"There is nothing worse than when the voters stop listening. That is what has happened to Gordon Brown’s government." - Philip Stephens in the FT

"Only a dramatic change of course can stave off disaster. That is the position the Prime Minister finds himself in this morning." - Andrew Porter in The Telegraph

" It is futile to extrapolate to the general election on the basis of last night’s figures. They will not be repeated. What matters is the mood — and the Tories have established themselves as credible challengers to Labour. Mr Cameron has shown that his party can win." - Peter Riddell in The Times

"Conservative strategists must know that - two years from here - hindsight may confirm that Crewe was the moment when a Tory government became inevitable. All is not doom for Gordon Brown. It can be turned around - as Margaret Thatcher showed after a string of byelection defeats in the 80s and John Major before 1992. But, as the sheriff says in No Country for Old Men: "If it isn't doom it'll do until a proper doom comes along." - Michael White in The Guardian

"The fact that the Tories are now enjoying a 15 to 20 point lead in the opinion polls suggests that the C2s are returning to them in droves. If they weren't, it would be more or less impossible for David Cameron to attain the 43-45 per cent support that he now enjoys." - Iain Dale in The Telegraph

A good night for ComRes

"Full marks to our pollsters ComRes, who called the Crewe by-election right in its survey for this newspaper last weekend. ComRes predicted the Tories would win 48 per cent of the vote, Labour 35 per cent and the Liberal Democrats 12 per cent. The actual figures were 49 per cent, 31 per cent and 14 per cent respectively. Some 62 per cent of those polled said they were absolutely certain to vote and more than 58 per cent did. Pretty good." - Andrew Grice in The Independent

Boris by-election will be on June 26 or July 3rd - Times

David Cameron off to Scotland for Tory Conference in Ayr

Interview with The Herald.

"Annabel Goldie, the Scottish Conservatives' leader, yesterday insisted she had "no regrets" about working with the SNP, despite accusations that the Tories have undermined the Union by propping up the Nationalist government." - Scotsman

Labour even more reliant on trade unions

"Labour is more dependent on trade union funding than it has been for years after personal donations to the party in the first three months of this year collapsed to less than one tenth of their level for the same period of 2007." - FT

Existing methods of estimating migration not "fit for purpose" say MPs - BBC

"The population of England is to increase by the equivalent of two new cities of the size of London within half a century, researchers said last night." - Daily Mail

MEP anger over expenses reform - FT


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