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Sunday 20th April 2008

7.45pm The best YouTube of the presidential campaign so far? Watch Obama as Rocky take on Hillary.

3.45pm ToryDiary: Are the Conservatives planning a £700m rescue package for the 10p tax victims?

Intheheadlines 3.30pm Seats and candidates: Conservative candidates who are making headlines

ToryDiary: Conservatives are 10% ahead in Populus poll and How should David Cameron target "Tony's Tories"?

Raceformayor_2 LondonMayor: Boris' big leads "may have evaporated"

Graeme Archer on Platform: "I’ve been in Verona all week, where most of the region voted for the Lega Nord. It’s fascinating to contrast the politics of Italy with those of the UK – it’s like Britain through the looking glass. In Italy, the rich and industrial north resents the taxes it sends to Rome, in order to subsidise (as they see it) profligacy in the southern regions. So they form a party demanding separation of the two, with fiscal autonomy for the north. In the UK, the flow of money is more or less in the other direction, but the demands for separatism come from the poorer northern area (Scotland), rather than the richer south. Well – that used to be the case. How much longer, I wonder."

Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: "Can't we now just let Powell and his speech and what it "really" meant rest in peace and get on with the debates of our own time?"

Matt Sinclair on CentreRight: "Colombia is second only to Israel for being unfairly singled out by the the international Left."

PlayPolitical video: I had a pet alligator and delivered the Congestion Charge and Oyster Card ID schemes on time and on budget says Ken Livingstone and Berlusconi pretends to point pistols at reporter who asks Putin about his love life

Policy Exchange report recommends more support for stay-at-home mums

"Mothers should be paid to stay at home if they want to when their children are young, according to a report to be launched by the Conservatives' shadow minister for the family tomorrow." - Observer

Head of Lottery Fund forced to apologise to Jeremy Hunt - Mail on Sunday

Interview with Nigel Lawson, climate change sceptic - The Sunday Times

"Take the electricity and the light to read by and worry about malaria and monsoonal rains later." - Iain Murray quoting The Breakthrough Institute on India and global warming

CapThe Tory baseball cap is back!!! - Scotland on Sunday

Buy the Scottish Conservatives' merchanise here.

Politics, party funding and the internet

"So let’s have no more money for party bureaucrats. Let Labour and the Tories enthuse us all with their policies so that they can raise money by their own efforts on the web, bolstered through tax relief on small donations." - Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times

Gordon Brown in denial over abolition of 10p tax band

PM insists "noone will lose out" from 10p decision - Mail on Sunday

"Gordon Brown embarked on a seven-day charm offensive yesterday to win over rebels opposed to his tax policy in an attempt to defeat the most serious threat to his leadership so far." - Independent on Sunday

Robert Chote in The Sunday Telegraph offers a remedy for the 10p losers: "A more popular way to reduce the number of losers would be to raise the personal allowance people can earn before they start to pay income tax and National Insurance. This would also be more cost-effective, as it would partly unwind the reform that created the losers in the first place. Raising the allowance by £100 would remove 1.3 million losers and cost £800 million; by £300 would remove 3.3 million losers and cost £2.5 billion; by £750 would remove almost all the losers and cost £6 billion."

David Miliband acknowledges that Labour is now the political underdog - BBC

The Prime Minister will be a handicap at the next election - John Rentoul in The Independent on Sunday

John Prescott has confessed to suffering from the eating disorder bulimia - BBC | Sky


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