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Sunday 2nd March 2008


7pm CentreRight EXCLUSIVE: LibDem frontbencher suggests Harry partly went to Afghanistan to rehabilitate his public image

5pm Seats and candidates: Susan Wade Weeks adopted for York Central and Miles Briggs is given the task of challenging Ming Campbell

1.15pm ToryDiary: A Conservative government will deliver "fair seats"

12.45pm ToryDiary: Overwhelming majority use constituency ballots to vote for referendum and against Lisbon Treaty

ToryDiary: After the Tory leader announces plans to give a third of ministerial jobs to women, we ask: Is David Cameron serious?

Bercow_john_5ToryDiary: John Bercow becomes fifth Tory MP to oppose referendum on EU Treaty (11.30: Ben Rogers offers a full defence of Mr Bercow's overall contribution to politics at CentreRight).

What did Prince Harry mean when he said that he didn't like England that much? Peter Whittle asks at

"More news from the Boris campaign frontline. Oh, OK – it’s just a relay of a conversation I had with a friend (yes, in a Hackney pub, an east end one though, none of that north London malarkey) this week. This bloke is a Labour party member, despite being, politically, five hundred light years to the right of me (I know, I know, that’s not hard, that cushion over there is more rightwing than I am, ha ha). His view, which surprised me, is that Boris will win on the first round on 1 May. His office is full of people who’ve never voted in a Mayoral before, but who want Boris to beat Livingstone..."

Graeme Archer's Diary on the race for mayor, plastic carrier bags and the dramatic consequences of his civil partnership.

Cameron rage at Lord Mancroft's remarks about nurses

"Cameron ordered his party's leader in the Lords, Lord Strathclyde, to let Lord Mancroft know how angry he was. During a debate in the House of Lords, Lord Mancroft claimed it was "a miracle" he was still alive after his experience of filthy wards and "slipshod and lazy" nurses when he was admitted to an NHS hospital in the West Country." - Scotland on Sunday | Observer

Read what Lord Mancroft actually said.

"The Tories are still untamed"

A leader in The Observer calls for Mr Cameron to choose and win a defining battle with the party's old guard

On similar themes John Rentoul, Independent on Sunday, examines internal party debates in terms of a party yet to be fully modernised.

Tories plan higher taxes on alcopops and strong lagers - The Sunday Times

Govemichaelcaptioned Tories will ban the award of school places by lottery

"In a radical blueprint for reform, the Tories also pledge to make discipline contracts with parents a condition of school entry.  The Government's Schools Admissions Code, which allows for ballots to decide places at oversubscribed schools, will be rewritten to outlaw the practice.  Michael Gove, the shadow schools secretary, says the system of randomly allocating places, used in Brighton and Hove in East Sussex, parts of Hertfordshire and in London and Derby, is unfair." - Sunday Telegraph

Michael Gove's article for The Sunday Telegraph.

In defence of Britannia - David Cameron writes for the Mail on Sunday in defence of the familiar 50p coin

Cameron should use the internet to transform his party's finances

"The answer to the money troubles of all our parties is not picking the pocket of the taxpayer with state funding. The Conservatives say they want to try, instead, to use the internet properly to encourage potential supporters to give as much as they want, or as little as a pound. Charities have done this, raising large amounts in small sums from an army of supporters, so why not a British party?  In America, Barack Obama is using the model to extraordinary effect and the regenerative democratic impact is obvious. Last week his campaign website announced that it had its millionth donor." - Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph

Cameron must not underestimate a still adapting Brown

"The claim that Mr Brown is still sporting L-plates, of course, does not mean he will soon be the Lewis Hamilton of politics. His eventual style behind the wheel may owe more to Wacky Races. But the mere suggestion that Brown might still be adapting, learning, evolving, should give his opponents pause for thought.  Whatever you think of him, never underestimate this politician. Even with the constituency boundary changes that would take the Tories up to a notional total of 210 seats, Mr Brown still has electoral arithmetic on his side. I don't think he is as exhausted or spent a force as is routinely claimed. The next election is there for the taking, if the Tories rise to the challenge. But it is not a done deal." - Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

People wanting a second home in rural areas may need permission from local council under Brown's new plans - Sunday Times

Campbellclegg Ming Campbell drew up plans for power-sharing with Tories and Labour in event of hung parliament - Sunday Telegraph

In the Mail on Sunday Ming Campbell writes about the events that led up to his demise.

School children learning about the Spanish Armada were told to draw an anti-English poster - Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

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