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Saturday 1st March 2008

10pm PlayPolitical video: There's nothing sexier than having to salute a woman in the morning. Clips from Jack Nicholson movies make the case for voting for Hillary.

CentreRight selections:

  • Can the Conservatives restore public faith in politics?  'Yes we can' answers Douglas Obama Carswell.
  • Andrew Lilico doesn't think politicians are so bad.
  • Hazel Blears has been telling porkies about Hammersmith Tories.  Harry Phibbs puts the record straight.
  • Dr Crippen warns that private medical data isn't safe.

4.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron attacks broken promises ninety minutes after Spelman encourages celebration of defectors

1pm ToryDiary: Cameron outlines agenda for restoring public trust in politics but he faces warnings from old guard

ToryDiary: Tory lead steady in latest YouGov poll

Mancroftquote Parliament: Lord Mancroft reflects on his unhappy experience of the NHS

Parliament: Julian Brazier MP on the dangers of extreme pornography

Carl Thomson on Platform: The Conservative Party should welcome Dmitry Medvedev's election as Russian president

Alex Deane on CentreRight: Why is the BBC persisting in mistranslating the remarks of the Israeli Defence Minister?

ConservativeHome's one page briefing: The big Tory announcements and stories of February

ConservativeHome's monthly survey: Have you voted yet?

Labour denounces 'elitist' Johnson - The Guardian reviews Labour attacks on the Tory mayoral candidate

Andrew Grice overviews the state of the Conservative Party and concludes that too many unforced errors are still occuring - Independent

George Osborne's green ISA is just a gimmick - James Daley in The Independent

Clegglookingback Nick Clegg may have to sack frontbenchers with a quarter of his team unhappy at LibDem opposition to a Lisbon referendum - Telegraph

Cameron and Clegg among 14 MPs criticised for late declaration of gifts

"David Cameron has been rebuked by the Electoral Commission for taking more than two years to register the free use of a helicopter during the Tory leadership contest. The gift by his father-in-law, Viscount William Astor, was worth £7,285." - Independent

Gordon Brown's promises to Labour's spring conference

"In his speech, Mr Brown will focus on what families can expect to see between now and 2010 - the last possible date for a general election.  His pledges will include rebuilding or refurbishing more than 320 schools by 2010, ensuring half of GP surgeries are open for at least one evening or weekend session every week by 2009 and building three million more homes." - BBC

"The average home has lost £6,000 in value over the past six months in the latest sign that the housing market is on the brink of a major decline.  The number of new buyers being approved for a mortgage has fallen by nearly a half since this time last year amid fears that curbs on new home loans could drag down property prices even further. Prices have fallen for four consecutive months." - Times

Parris_matthew Matthew Parris makes a surprising defence of the Speaker

"Let our elected representatives be the lightning rods to register and transmit public opinion. And let them be candid with their Speaker. But the public whose opinion a Commons Speaker should consult first, care for most, and even fear a bit, comprises a rather smaller electorate of 650-odd souls. And they do not include you, they do not include newspaper leader writers, and they do not - any longer - include me." - Times

Sun reacts to Labour's new immigration policy

"Yesterday the Government brought in a new Australian-style points system to control immigration.  There are many good points about it. Only those with skills we need will be allowed in... Immigration Minister Liam Byrne was asked repeatedly on the BBC if Labour accepted that there were too many immigrants.  Rather than be honest, Byrne jabbered about “the pace of change” being too fast. If only he had said Yes, we would have respected him.  Voters aren’t idiots. So please don’t treat them like it, Mr Byrne." - The Sun Says

How the BBC has bid £400m of your money for European football which ITV got for £120m - Daily Mail

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